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It is a widely known fact that there are certain types offoods which largely affect the amount of food a person eats, the craving forfoods the certain experiences and also how much weight a person puts on. It maycome off as a bit of a surprise that the actual amount of food consumed is notthat significant in weight loss as much as the type of foods consumed. The typeof foods consumed determines how much fat the person stores inside the body.There is a scientifically determined and valid way of assessing different typesof carbohydrates consumed and it is referred to as the glycemic index. Theglycemic index comes in very handy when it comes to measuring and rating theway all the different carbohydrates enter one’s bloodstream. It may provide aperson with all the important information so that he or she can keep hunger atbay by constantly consuming well balanced and nutritionally valid meals. Inother words, it is very efficient when it comes to prevention of overeating. Parentsmay also find it very helpful in curbing the children’s desire for unnecessarysnacks in between meals. All carbohydrates can be sorted by having either low, mediumor high glycemic index. One should always consume plenty of foods characterizedby a medium or low glycemic index, while the food items with a high glycemicindex need to avoided as much as possible. Those food items that have a lowglycemic index tend to enter the bloodstream in a much slower manner and theydo not raise the levels of sugar in the blood.

Corn Syrup

All the different types of sugars are actuallycarbohydrates. Different types of carbohydrates include all various sorts ofstarches such as peas, lentils, legumes, pasta, noodles and potatoes, maltose(which is frequently used as a cereal flavoring), lactose (a certain type ofsugar commonly found in yogurt and other dairy products), fructose (a type ofsugar commonly found in fruits), glucose and regular sugar. All different typesof fruit are considered to be food items with a fairly low glycemic index. Cornsyrup contains a concentrated, refined type of fructose. Certain scientificstudies have shown that fructose may be connected with weight gain and obesity.It may also be the key factor when it comes to excessive storage of accumulatedfats in the human body. Fructose raises the levels of uric acid and blocks theinsulin which leads to metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, weight gain andhigh levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. This may ultimately lead todiabetes.

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