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Jealousy Comes from Within

There are many people who are feelingextremely jealous of other people. This usually happens if/when theirpartners or lovers have many friends of the opposite sex they spend alot of their time with. Trusting your partner is crucial in order notto be jealous. If you know that your partner would never cheat onyou, all the opposite sex in the world would make no difference.

However, many people have doubts, whichusually stem from their own personalities, making them incapable oftrusting, since they fear they might lose their loved one sincehe/she might find a different, better person.

Therefore, jealousy stems from theinside of our own personality, through some internal fears anddoubts. Namely, we are all meant to be good, compassionate beings,advancing through life by loving and helping each other. However,somewhere during the course of our development as people, a vastmajority of us get violated in some sense of this word. This givesbirth to certain changes in the personality of the individual. Then,negative parts of our personality are created, making us react inways we would never do, originally. Hence, the jealousy, since, deepinside ourselves, we lack security, self-esteem or some otherfactors, due to the fact that we were deeply hurt sometimes in thepast.

In order to free yourself from theclutches of jealousy, you need to rediscover your true self and learnhow to bypass all these negative feelings, expressing only your mostpure emotions and characteristics. Wounds need to be healed in orderto disappear. Thus, you must know how to cure your jealousy, or thecause of it.

Get Rid of Jealousy

Since the real answers to all of yourproblems lie within your soul and your inner being, you need torevoke yourself through creative visualization. Imagine yourself as asmall child, staring at an old man/woman. This older individual isyou as well, only with all the experience you can ever get. Now,through the eyes of the old person, try and perceive all the purityand innocence of the child within you. This way, find your trueessence, your primal emotions and characteristics which you have,somewhere on the road of life, forgotten. Bring them back and believein yourself and the people you love, for this is the key to successand the lack of jealousy.

We have all been hurt during ourinitiation in this wold. Still, we should not deny our true valuesjust because the world around us is imperfect, or, even worse, followthe blind mass of people without emotions. Rather, we should docompletely the opposite.

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