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Anger is one of our basic emotions, even though it is considered to be quite negative in most cases. Also, anger is one of the most unpredictable emotions we can have, since other people usually cannot guess which factors can cause you to become angry.

Anger Analysis

Anger usually manifests itself through a variety of emotions, mixing cognitive, which involve appraisals, behavioral, which involve withdrawal and antagonism and Somatic-affective, dealing with tension and agitation. All people can get angry, regardless of their age. Yet, anger control is crucial in order to avoid any damage or unwanted outcomes. Thus, some of the best anger management techniques are presented through the following lines.

Anger Control and Management Techniques

One of the best ways of controlling anger is through deep breathing. So, whenever you seem to be getting overwhelmed by anger, you are advised to take a series of deep breaths, feeling relaxation removing the anger-causing tension. All you need to do is to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, at regular intervals. During this breathing exercise, your mind focuses on the activity, letting go of all the negative thoughts which might be bothering you. Alternatively, you may think about something that makes you feel happy, increasing the effectiveness of this process.

Secondly, you may find conversation to be a great way of dealing with anger. Yet, you are not advised to use foul language or to yell, since this will most likely be counter-productive. Never curse when angry or burst out on other people. Rather, clench your fists, squeeze some inanimate object or channel you anger in some kind of a different, harmless way. Once the anger is gone, you can resume the conversation, controlling your emotions, allowing both you and the other person to have your/their say.

Distracting your mind from anger is also a great technique. Basically, all you need to do, when feeling that anger is taking over you, is to spend time with yourself, doing things you like. You may indulge in a hobby of yours, listen to music, clean up your room or perform other actions which will distract you from the negative thoughts in your head. Therefore, never miss a chance to swap anger with something constructive, be it playing a musical instrument, exercising, painting, playing kick box etc.

All in all, the whole population of this world is made of numerous individuals who have their unique anger triggers. So, every single person needs to find his/her own way of dealing with anger effectively, saving themselves from embarrassment, humiliation or deeds that they will later regret.

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