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Jealousy is a feeling well known tomany. Hidden deep inside of us, this feeling, closely related andintertwined with envy, tends to strike upon many moments we feel thatwe might lose something or someone we hold dear or, perhaps, when wewant something someone else has. Many doctors and psychiatrists claimthat this feeling is tightly connected with the lack of self esteem,and once you doubt in yourself, your own achievements and qualities,you are more likely to suffer from this frustrating state of mind.However, all people may get disarmed by the uneasy mixture ofjealousy and envy, regardless of the level of self-respect they have,making its harmful potential even stronger.

Causes and Other Characteristics

Interestingly, reasons behind thisfeeling seem to vary between sexes. Namely, female members of ourpopulation seem to have this feeling invoked when concerned abouttheir male partner's loyalty and honesty when it comes torelationships and love. Men, on the other hand suffer from envy andjealousy when it comes to income, social power and status issues.

Both of these situations may havepositive as well as negative outcomes. Jealousy may change a person,motivating his or her striving for perfection and advancement incomparison to the one's they envy and are jealous of at the firstplace. However, these may also cause one to lose his or her calm andget separated from his or her personal life, preoccupied by otherpeople's wealth, beauty or achievements.

When to Worry?

If your life steps on the second placein comparison to those you feel jealous or envious of or if youjeopardize the well-being of either yourself or those you love orenvy, you might need to seek medical attention in order to get rid ofthis malevolent condition. Additionally, if jealousy seems to hold onto you most of your life, or if it makes you seclude yourself fromthe outside world, know that it is the time for a significant change.

Possible Remedies

First of all one needs to set his orher mind straight. Control your jealousy and use it for the best. Ifyou are jealous of your partner's friends or you think he or shemight have an affair, let your feelings out in the open. Tell him orher what bothers you and try to find a solution together. Also, takeinto consideration that you might be exaggerating and examine thefacts behind your assumptions beforehand.

When it comes to money or power envy orjealousy, use it constructively and creatively. Do not hate, but,rather admire and try to surpass those who have proven to be betterthan you. They open new possibilities you are yet to achieve. Hollyis a herb known to help with feelings of anger and envy, so, if allelse fails and the negative feelings prevail, use it in order to helpyourself.

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