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Borderline personality disorder is an emotional disorder manifesting through low self-esteem and angry, impulsive behavior which may distance you from other people. In fact, many people experience this form of estrangement even though they actually desire to form relationships with others. Fortunately, people with borderline personality disorder can seek treatment and find help, managing to battle this troublesome state of mind, regaining control over their lives, living the inner peace and harmony.

Facts about Borderline Personality Disorder

Basically, people with this type of disorder have problems defining themselves. Therefore, they are very insecure, when it comes to their self-esteem, the self-image they have in their mind and their overall sense of self. All these factors of one's personality change and get modified rapidly once an individual suffers from borderline personality disorder.

Sometimes, people with this problem see themselves as bad or evil, while sometimes they might have troubles confirming their own existence. Naturally, living this way can mean numerous problems at the office, inability to achieve goals and issues with values as well as relationships. With people suffering from borderline personality disorder, everything is either black or white when it comes to behavioral patterns. There is no balance and gray area is absent.

Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder

The symptoms of this condition are impulsive and risky behavior, manifesting through activities such as speedy driving, reckless activities like gambling or drug use, sex without protection etc. Also, people with this disorder are guided by strong emotions which fade away quickly and return abruptly, commonly being swapped by anxiety and depression along the way. Anger issues are common for people with borderline personality disorder, often even evolving into physical encounters. These people are afraid of being alone, they might have suicidal tendencies and they have a lot of problems with controlling their emotions.

Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder

These people are usually aware of their problems. However, they lack the strength and mental consistency necessary for making a constructive change. So, they indulge into gambling and other counter-productive activities in order to escape. Yet, they only get deeper and deeper into the problem.

In order for any real, effective treatment to be possible, people with borderline personality disorder need to visit a doctor or a mental health provider. Also, these people need all the support they can get when it comes to friends, family and people close to them.

Changes can be made through, sticking with the therapy, attending sessions regularly, learning how to control and understand emotions and not blaming yourself for the disorder. Instead of being judgmental towards yourself, you should give your best to benefit from the treatment. Do not be embarrassed but, rather, learn all about your condition and help yourself as well as others who suffer from borderline personality disorder.

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