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Sometimes, life seems to drive us crazy with its problems an lack of predictability. Yet, losing our temper every now and then, within the borders of proper conduct and sanity is not a problem. When we are in absolute control of our thoughts and behavior, we are considered to be mentally and emotionally healthy. So, if we are emotionally and mentally healthy, we have no problems with dealing with issues and returning to our regular lives.

Mental or Emotional Health

Basically, our psychological well-being is the notion behind our mental and emotional health. However, this is quite a broad term, encompassing the way we picture and experience ourselves, the characteristics and the quality of connections we make with other people through relationships and our capability of controlling and managing our feelings, especially when dealing with problems.

Thus, once you are labeled as mentally healthy, you are not only resistant to depression, anxiety or other forms of psychological problems. Rather, you are full with opposite, positive traits. Therefore, one needs to be involved in positive things in order to stay positive him/herself.

Mentally healthy people are content, enjoying life most of the time and laughing often, dealing with stress effectively and creatively. Also, they are overwhelmed by a feeling of purpose in whatever they do, be it relationships, work or hobbies. They like learning new facts about life and upgrading their knowledge, going with the flow, regardless of the changes that affect them.

This kind of mental environment allows mentally healthy people to successfully combine work and leisure time and create and maintain healthy relationships with other people. Subsequently, they do not lack self-esteem and confidence.

Statistically, according to various sources, 1 in every 3 US citizens is suffering form a mental disorder annually. As for anxiety disorders, women suffer from these in 23.4% of cases while men in 14.3%. Mood disorders, on the other hand, appear in 11.6% of women, affecting 7.7% of men. Moreover, impulse-control disorders affect 9.3% of women and 11.7% of men, while substance disorders are present in 11.6% of women and 15.4% of men. Finally, this means that 34% of women and 29.9% living in the US suffer from some form of mental disorder.

Tips for Good Mental Health

Our powerful emotions can overwhelm us from time to time. Yet, we need to learn how to control them and get used to them, not allowing ourselves to be struck beyond ourselves. When problems appear, we should not fear them or ignore them. Rather, we should take action give even more than we think we can in order to restore peace and enjoyment in our lives.

Nevertheless, we should not neglect our sleep and resting, since these are equally important achievements of our every day.

Even though many people tend to deny it, love is a necessary part of our existence. We are emotional beings and, as such, we need to have people around us and to support others. Give love and receive love from others in order to stay emotionally and mentally healthy. Do not be afraid to trust others and allow them to lean on you when they need you.

A healthy body is the vessel for a healthy mind. That being said, pay attention to your nutrition and make sure that you are eating healthy food which will improve your mood significantly.

As for the daily stress and frustrations, let them out creatively, through exercising. If you fear that you do not have time for working out, modify your lifestyle and make some. For example, you can walk to work, or park your car a few blocks away, use the stairs or, simply, keep yourself physically busy for at least 30 minutes every day.

Sun rays are great mood-boosters. Thus, make sure you expose yourself to sunlight for at least 10 minutes every day, spending time with the people you like or love. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs, since these only make you become less healthy, both mentally and physically.

Indulge in nature and art. This will allow you to express yourself and see the world you are a part of from a different angle. Enjoy life with all of your senses and find ways which allow you to do that while being creative.

If you are living alone, get a pet and love it. This way, you will keep your emotions warm and learn how to be responsible for someone else's life.

Keep in mind that, despite your work, there are other things in life which are obligatory, especially your leisure time. No person should spend his/her time doing only something he/she does not like. Thus, stay positive by doing things you enjoy.

Make sure you learn how to control your stress levels effectively and do not worry about matters in life excessively. Be a problem solver rather than dwelling on problems and grieving over them. Seek help when you need it and learn how to help others when they need you. Both actions can make you a better, happier person.

To sum up, being happy and mentally healthy depends on you. Sure, this life can be hard, but you need to make it worth living. So, give your best to love every day of your existence and all the people close to you. This will keep you mentally healthy, as long as you keep your lifestyle positive and creative.

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