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It's Not Me, It's the World!

Stress has become the most presenttrouble riding on the backs of the busy, busy world of today. Peopleare running around nervous, troubled by deadlines, two or three jobsthey do in order to support them and their families, and many othertroublesome characteristics of modern lifestyle. All this producestons of stress, which, in return, may easily make a person exhaustedboth mentally and physically. Subsequently, this makes a person moreprone to the numerous health problems. Therefore, if you can findyourself in the above mentioned facts, and are stressed daily,including this very moment, stop, relax, and read about things youcan do in order to help yourself. Our society was created by humans.Thus, you, as a fellow human, may modify it so as to make it suit youmore. Here are the some modification recommendations.


One of the main causes of stress aresome unsolved problems. Many times, people suppress their fears andworries deep inside of their subconsciousness. Nevertheless, theseproblematic issues apply pressure on our minds and make us drown instress daily. Stop doing that. Repression is bad for your health.Rather, release your darkest fears, troubles and emotions and facethem. To achieve this, you do not need to bother other people. Youmay simply take a sheet of paper and put all your troubles down. Thiswill help you get in control of the situation. Also, you will feelrelieved by simply acknowledging your problems instead of denyingthem.


Next, once you have listed all yourproblems and troubles, you need to start solving them. This requiresorganization and planning. Develop priorities by asking yourself whatdo you care about. Then, dedicate your time to solving things whichwill bring you happiness and satisfaction. Do not strain over peoplewho do not care about you, or things which are none of your concern.Solve your current problems, and do not dwell upon the past or thefuture ones.

Remember to never go against yourself.Your inner desires should never be suppressed. Of course, do giveyour best while at work, or change your job if you do not like it sothat you can be motivated to give your 100%. But do not live yourjob. Rather, always have something to call your own, whether this isyour personality, characteristics, hobbies or something else.

As far as work stress is concerned,proper organization will surely reduce it to a minimum. Plan yourworking day ahead, get to the office 15 minutes early, and make sureyou are truly proud of yourself, regarding the quality of your work.Then, if you know how valuable you are, your boss or your peers'critiques and frustrations will be just echoes in the distance ofyour self-satisfied bliss.

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