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Nourish Your Potential

We all possess certain qualities. Yet, many of us do not express them and spend their lives doing something they do not like only because of this reluctance or inability to express yourself. Usually, people who have high levels of self-confidence are those who are capable of achieving things in life. They believe in themselves and are proud of everything they do right, making themselves stronger and happier.

On the other hand, those who lack self-confidence lack the ability to express themselves as well. Thus, they spend their days closed and isolated from other people, never unleashing their true potential.

There are many myths which may stand in the way of those who have troubles gaining self-confidence. However, these are not to be taken seriously since they can only mean distraction and present an obstacle.

Myths about Self-Confidence

First and foremost, we are not born with self-confidence, contrary to popular belief. Rather, we gain it during the development of our personality. Thus, it has everything to do with our own action and way of perceiving the world. Do not believe that you were born without a chance of acquiring self-confidence, since this is not true.

Secondly, self-confidence has nothing to do with your looks, material power, upbringing or any other factors of this type. Surely, it may be influenced by these aspects of life, but only if you let that happen. Thus, you need to believe in your talents in order to express them and, thereby, strengthen the belief you have in yourself. Also, there are people who are very successful but lack confidence nevertheless. So, believing in yourself is crucial and has to be triggered from within.

Thirdly, we are led to believe that people who were praised a lot during childhood have strong self-confidence while those who had a hard time growing up usually lack it. Even though there is some truth to this, we need to know that you are what you make out of yourself. If you deserve to be praised, you will be and if you know that you have done something magnificent, this will be a praise enough.

Always be open to new skills and challenges. Grow constantly and praise yourself for every step forward you take.

Finally, a majority of people believe that self-confidence is the force which gives you the power to move through life without any regrets, taking risks as they come. Again, not true. Self-confident people are known for their ability to rationalize the world around them, without taking unnecessary risks. Thus, self-confidence grants you a greater insight into the choices you are about to make. So, as long as you build and nourish your personality carefully, you are bound to be successful and have this power within you. Self-confidence is there for you to develop, so never give up on yourself.

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