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Jealousy is very common secondary emotion that usually evokes the feelings and thoughts of insecurity, fear and anxiety. These negative emotions are tightly connected with an anticipated loss of something that a person cherishes, loves, and attaches certain value to. In most of the cases, jealousy is experienced in reference to human relationships. It often includes wide array of emotional symptoms and manifests as anger, disgust, sadness, and even resentment. However, jealousy is often confused with envy, which is an emotion of other kind. Envy is also called invidiousness and it is experienced with a person lacks another's greater quality, achievement, or possession, or desires that the other is less superior than he is or she is.

Causes of jealousy

People often think that jealousy is something that is triggered by an event that has nothing to do with us. Jealous people often feel like they are being provoked to feel and act jealous. However, the true causes of jealousy are something that lies deep inside the jealous person. The true causes of jealousy always lie in low self-esteem or poor self-image. These two fundamentals are also the lenses through which the image of whole world is converted. These perception filters may corrupt an image of things that are happening in the real world. Jealous people see things on the outside as changed and their emotion reactions are therefore misplaced. This negative emotion is actually a manifestation of person’s fears. In many cases, the jealous person does not even know what these fears are. They may be buried somewhere deep inside the psyche. For example, if a man expresses jealousy he may actually fear that his woman may leave him for a better-looking man. This fundamental fear makes the jealous man consider better looking a threat. Even though the fear is unfounded, the fear in the mind consumes the jealous person and generates negative emotions.Beating Jealousy

Beating jealousy is not always an easy task; however, it is something that can be achieved by working hard on self and improving the self-image and self-esteem. This way, one can actually turn this negative emotion into something productive. Jealous person should try to improve the life by working on the aspects of life that are making him or her feel uncomfortable. If the root of fear is their look – they should do something about it; embrace a healthy lifestyle, and start eating healthy, going to the gym and spending some time to ponder upon their new vital energy and optimism.

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