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Homeopathy and Emotional Traumas

This way of natural treatment of various conditions and illnesses has been widely accepted for quite some time and with a reason. In most recent researches it has been shown that homeopathy can, in great many cases, provide more effective treatment and a much faster convalescence. Homeopathic remedies have also found application in treating traumas, especially the ones emotional in nature. Given the fact that, as far as this area is concerned, extensive researches are yet to be done, a precautionary measure homeopathy should, at least for the time being, be used as a supplement to medical care and treatment.

Aconitum Napellus – this is considered to be one of the most effective and among the first to be employed in the treatment of abrupt shock accompanied by strong fear, urgency and intense panic. One of the most frequently encountered symptoms are the intense and overpowering feeling that a person’s life is in danger. Most experts recommend this remedy especially for treating of anxiety occurring after serious fright.Arnica Montana – most appropriate usage of this remedy is in situations in which a person in question has suffered a shock, but the consequences are not evident right away, i.e. there occurs a delayed shock. This person tends to imply that s/he is all right despite what has happened, and refuses to admit that something wrong has happened. Also, the urge and desire to be left alone are present, whereas as far as the physical manifestations are concerned, there might be present injuries followed by ache, bleeding and bruises.Carbo Vegetabilis – one of the evident needs for the employment of this remedy is in cases when, after experiencing some kind of a shock, the person in question comes down with extreme weakness and fatigue. Other manifestations are feeling of cold, drowsiness and tendency to pass out. Emotional manifestations most often include confusion and indifference.Gelsemium Sempervirens – homeopathy experts tend to recommend this remedy for those cases in which a person in question tends to become afraid or grief stricken and is overpowered by these feelings, all happening after s/he has heard grave news. Trembling, followed by weakness and exhaustion are common symptoms of this condition, as well as the refusal to converse with people around and inability to think through the next steps that need to be taken.Ignatia – is the one to be recommended in case there occurs extreme and intense nervousness and sensitivity, after a person in question has been notified of some ill fated occurrences. The manifestations that call for this remedy include numbness and strong desire to spend time all alone.

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