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Labor and Homeopathy

Given the fact that these medicines are still not that in depth analyzed and are still considered to be somewhat like synthetically produced drugs, you should first and foremost have a talk with your physician or midwife, and consult them regarding the possible use of these medicines and their appropriate dosage.

Types and Characteristics

Pulsatilla. This remedy is the one employed quite frequently when there is a need to turn a breech baby tardy in pregnancy.

Caulophyllum (or Blue Cohosh). It is the remedy to turn to when wanting to enhance the strength of the muscles situated in the uterine. This in turn immensely helps during labor. Another use is in cases when irregular contractions occur, or the uterus looses its strength.

Belladonna. It is employed in cases when a women is experiencing anxiety, intense nervousness, deliriousness and unrestfulness and irritation. Among other visible symptoms there can be found the following: face flushing, skin and mucus membranes that should not be tempered with in any case.

Cimicifuga. It is the one to be used when there occurs intensive pain, spasmodic in nature, and is also one of the very good solutions for women who are not taking immense pain that well, and have various related issues that cannot be normally settled.

Arnica. When a woman is experiencing pains in her muscles due to physical exertion, this remedy is employed. Also, it is the one to be counted on for treating shock and shock related conditions, but perhaps its most important and health beneficial function is in aiding the after-birth convalescence period.

Staphysagria. In those cases, in which birth can successfully be done only by means of a caesarian cut or by means of episiotomy, this remedy is the best possible means to aid and hasten the healing process. It is employed post surgically.

Sulphur. It is the substance that is essential in prevention of tissue stretching and tearing, in the area surrounding the bladder and the vagina.

Calendula Tincture. Solution containing calendula is most frequently used to hasten the entire recuperation period. The method of application used is by soaking a sponge into solution and then applying it to the area in need of healing.

Castor Oil. Although there have been reports that this remedy has been used for ages, and even in Egyptian period, its functioning mechanisms are, unfortunately, not yet fully comprehended. But one commonly accepted account is that it has the ability to function as an extremely strong laxative. Since it is effective in gut stimulation, it is considered to be also effective in uterus stimulation, and thus extremely effective in initiating the labor.

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