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Sadness/Grief and Homeopathy

Homeopathy falls into the category of fairly financially acceptable and rather safe methods for body’s remedying in a most natural of ways. As many have already deduced, each and every of the numerous herbal remedies has a particular impact when it comes to influencing the body and the mind of a person. When it comes to proper usage of natural remedies,what needs to be emphasized is that the first step is to discover which of the numerous remedies, homeopathic in nature, is the most appropriate for the specific type of grief a person is influenced and pressured by.

Grief Remedies

The following are considered to be the best there are, when it comes to treating sadness and grief most effectively:

Apis Mellifica (or Clarke’s honey bee) aids in relieving side manifestations of intense grief, mental shock, rage and bottled up emotions. Ammonium Muriaticum is especially employed when treating conditions such as intensive agony and melancholy, resulting from irritation and unbearable stress and worries. Aurum Metallicum, also known as Boericke’s Gold, aids in treating conditions and side effects such as the negative and threatening effects, constant feeling of worthlessness, alienation and self-condemnation, hopelessness, and even frequent suicidal thoughts. Causticum, or Clarke’s potassium hydrate, is employed when treating intense sorrow and deep sorrow, as well as bottled up emotions which are the main culprit for bringing about melancholy and anxious thoughts constantly, both in the daytime and in the nighttime. Gelsemium Sempervirens is used in treatment of immense irritability that is difficult to control, and in treating persons who most of the time feel too sensitive and want to be left all alone, as well experiencing a decline in mental capacities, overall confusion and strong desire to shed tears. Ignatia Amara is used to aid the treatment of the person who is constantly troubled with bleak and sad thoughts, is melancholic and extremely sorrowful, but it is also helpful in cases of those embracing solitude too much and grieving in silence, not uttering anything. Natrum Muriaticum aids in warding off of those hazardous impacts of intensive sorrow, anxiety, anger and dread, but it is also frequently employed in treating depression, irritation and the need to be constantly left alone and to shed tears incessantly. Phosphoricum Acidum is extremely beneficial in decreasing the need to cry, shielding from unwanted side effects directly related to excessive grief, sorrow, over burdened love life, overall indifference and lack of interest for the world and environment surrounding the person in question.

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