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Antibiotics or Herbal Remedies and Supplements
In the case of mild to severe sinusitis, the first stop and first treatment therapy almost always includes antibiotics, especially, when at the core of the condition we find infections bacterial in nature. When having most evident symptoms in mind, almost every bacterial infection is accompanied by oozing out of mucus yellow/green in colour. As it often turns out, antibiotics and treatment therapies based on them do not prove to be 100% efficient, as many would think, nor do they always represent the best of solutions and “remedies.” Also, despite the fact that antibiotics can, in certain cases, completely prevent and cure sinusitis, once it comes back again a person can never know, since the second time around those same antibiotics may prove to be completely useless.
If a sinus infection is acute in nature, then the best solution for healing it is by employing various herbal and mineral based supplements that can be found in abundance all around us. In order to enhance the effectiveness and speed up person’s recuperation, these supplements can be given in combination with antibiotics and in that way, they can increase their healing powers. In addition, these medicines and remedies, herbal in nature, are especially effective and helpful in cases of recurring sinusitis. Also, some of the fairly common side effect of the conventional medications (e.g. decongestants and various prescription medications), such as dry mouth for example, do not occur when herbal remedies and supplements are employed in the treatment process.
Homeopathy Strikes Again
When it comes to homeopathic remedies and aiders, the ones whose description will follow shortly are those that are most often recommended because of high healing and low or no side effects ration. As far as the dosage is concerned, these remedies ought to be taken for a couple of days constantly at potency of 6c,12c or 30, and they need to be taken more than once in the course of the day as supplemental aid to other already employed medications and medicines as well.
Hepar Sulph. It ought to be employed for the treatment of sinusitis that is characterized by the excretion of extremely thick in consistency and yellowish/greenish in colour mucus, of unpleasant odour resembling “foul” cheese.Hydrastis. This remedy ought to be used, predominantly, in treating sinusitis characterized by excretion of great quantities of watery like acrid discharge coming from the nose of a person. The discharge in question is in many cases of fairly thick consistency, and of yellowish or blood like colour.Kali Bich. Homeopathic remedy in question ought to be employed for treating and curing sinusitis that is characterized by extremely intense and throbbing ache, as well as the feeling that an enormous amount of pressure is present in the area along the sinuses and in the nasal area, too. Those pressure related feelings tend to be most intense in the area near the root of the nose, or in the cheeks and area around them

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