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When it comes to this particular type of the natural ailment treatment, it is most vigorously recommended as a supplemental treatment technique, which is to aid any of the already prescribed conventional treatment therapies. As far as epilepsy is concerned, one important thing that needs to be emphasized is that, unfortunately, homeopathy on its own is not always an effective type of treatment for all varieties of the condition in question. But on the other hand, what urges emphasis is that great many varieties of epilepsy, which did not respond to any of the conventional types of treatment, did so when confronted with homeopathy.
For example, in those cases in which epilepsy is a direct consequence of the existing brain tumor, such treatment methods involving homeopathy are, for instance, not advised as the proper method of treatment. On the same note, there exists quite a number of various remedies that need to be regarded diversely in case of febrile seizures, present in children. In the category of those most common ones are such as Stramonium, Cicuta, as well as Belladonna.
Stramonium – is regarded as the most important remedy when it comes to febrile seizures. When it comes to a more descriptive explanation, image of Stramonium is that of violence, intensive fears and convulsions. Children under the influence of Stramonium are quite often rather too destructive, and teeming with violence and aggression, and in certain cases, with intense fear of violence. The prevailing sensations are those such as intense fear of death, shining objects, dark, water and monsters. Night terrors are present as well, followed quite often by screams, stuttering, unordinary facial grimaces and twitches. In particular cases, children can even reach a delirious state, accompanied by fever and such children constantly seek company and light, in order to feel more secure and calm.Cicuta – is suggested in cases of dramatic seizures under the influence of which the person’s body takes an arched position, with the head of the person in question taking an extremely drawn-back position. The seizures in question are known to be quite violent in nature, and are most frequently induced by a more severe injury to the head. This natural remedy is considered to be essential for treating the seizures occurring as a direct consequence of cerebrospinal meningitis. Affected children exhibit such symptoms as redness in the face, grinding of the teeth and feel worse when touched, or when affected by drafts and cigarette smokeBelladonna – is considered as one of the most frequently used natural remedies when it comes to treating fever appearing suddenly and in a violent manner. As far as sensations are concerned, extreme sensitivity to light, noise and jar is present. Once placed in a lying position and in the dark, the child in question is relieved and feels much better. Under the influence of belladonna, children have the tendency to feel “ill” and unpleasant due to exposure to sun, as well as heat.
One important thing that needs to be born in mind is that the above-mentioned natural remedies are those of more “dramatic” nature remedies that are used in treating febrile seizures. When it comes to treating other types of epilepsy-related seizures and manifestations, the most effective is considered to be, besides Belladonna, also Hyoscyamus.

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