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As opposed to the usual medical approach to the food allergies, homeopathy makes them disappear completely when treated properly. An allergy is recognized by hives and anaphylactic shock. Sometimes allergies can be lethal and they involve the immune system.

Anthistamines and adrenaline injections are sometimes required for the treatment of symptoms of allergies such as rash, swelling, troubled breathing and changed heart rate. A homepathic approach strengthens the immune system and reduces the symptoms of severe reactions. Sometimes food sensitivity and intolerance can be confused with allergic reactions. The symptoms of these conditions include, gas, heartburn, bloating constipation, pain in the abdomen and diarrhea. Rare cases of migraine and leg pain have also been reported.

These conditions do not involve the immune system and pose no serious risks. Homeopathy treats allergies as disturbances in one’s energetic system which keeps all the tissues and organs as well as the emotional and intellectual apparatus at their highest level of functioning. Stressful situations cause the energy system to induce symptoms of allergies and food intolerances.

Food intolerance can be treated with nux vomica and carbo vegetabilis but homeopathy delves into deep-acting remedies which treat the entire person and prevent the problems from reoccurring. Homeopathic approach also deals very efficiently with chronic headaches, fatigue and insomnia that appear with other symptoms of food intolerance.

Avoiding the food that causes trouble is another important aspect of the whole treatment since it efficiently reduces bloating and other symptoms for some time. If one doesn’t indulge in a treatment that acts more deeply it is likely that new food sensitivities will get developed. The goal of a homeopathic approach is to provide the patients with the ability to eat any kind of food.

Homeopathy treats the patients with constitutional remedies which affect the person as a whole opposed to the treatment of particular systems done by acute prescription remedies. It almost looks like a jigsaw puzzle, piecing together symptoms and characteristics of the patient into a big picture. Homeopathy takes into consideration the personality of the patient, his family and medical history and all the different aversions and desires.

Previous medications taken, surgeries and treatments may blur the whole picture that represents the patient, but should be no problem for a skilled and well trained homeopath as he or she matches all the data to provide the patient with the correct constitutional remedy. Homeopathy deals with over 2,500 different remedies and it is sometimes a difficult task to find the one that is the most appropriate.

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