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Prevent Sunburns

Make sure that you wear the protective clothes while being on the sun. Avoid being outside, exposed to direct sunlight between 10 am and 2 pm. Use sunscreen with at least 15 SPF (sun protection factor) before going out to the sun and while on the sun.

These precaution measures apply even if the day is cloudy, because the ultraviolet rays may come through the clouds and damage your skin.

Homeopathy and Herbs for Sunburns

Homeopathic remedies might be helpful if you haven’t been careful and already got sunburns. They could prevent the blisters and ease the pain.

If a person is severely burned, the best solution is to get him/her to the doctor. In these cases, homeopathic remedy might be applied while going to or while waiting for the emergency.

The most used homeopathic remedies for sunburns are:

Arnica –this is usually the first remedy given to a person with burns. It relieves the pain and prevents the shock and swelling.Calendula and Hypericum tinctures are proven effective for topical application. 10 drops of any of these tinctures should be mixed with one ounce of water. Use the mixture several times a day to apply it on the affected area. Calendula is also found in gel, spray or ointments used to treat sunburns.Cantharis is useful for extreme pain caused by burning, usually for second and third degree burnings. Causticum mish can also be used in very painful burnings, which makes a person sad. This remedy is known to help the healing of some old burns. Hepar sulphuris calcareum is used to treat the burns in people susceptible to infections. These patients are often sensitive and irritable.Hypericum is proven to be helpful when burnings is followed with intense pain and sensitive nerves.Phosphorus may be used to treat electrical burns, but only on the way to the doctors’. These burns often damage the internal tissue, and it is not visible from the outside, so they must be treated by the physician.Urtica urens is recommended for treatment of mild and red burns and hurtful sunburns. Some also advise the mixture of one part of this plant and 10 parts of water, to ease the sunburns.Aloe vera is also the common remedy for sunburns. The gel extracted from the plant is probably the best solution for sunburns, but aloe vera creams may also be helpful. Just make sure it contains more aloe vera than water on any other substance.

Medications and Sun-Sensitivity

Some medications might cause hypersensitivity to the sun and lead to sunburns. Such medications are: diuretics, tranquilizers and many antibiotics. When taking these drugs, make sure you consult your doctor or pharmacist about the sunburns.

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