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Definition of Menrorrhagia

Menrorrhagia is the medical term for the disorder of the period, that is, for the prolonged period of menstruating, and therefore, the abnormal amount of the blood discharge. This chronic condition can be rather dangerous, especially if there is the severe blood loss. Not to mention the other accompanying troublesome symptoms which are basically involved into every woman’s life, such as the emotional and the physical problems and the most pointed out are the menstrual cramps in the abdominal area, the tenderness of the breasts, the excessive preservation of the water in the organism, and many more.


As far as the most serious problem of this condition is concerned, and that is the heavy discharge of the blood, which can lead to anemia, the homeopathy is the treatment which offers a lot of helpful solutions, but the key to the successful treatment is in the right dose. That is, it is important to examine the effect of the first dose on the organism because these herbal remedies would lead to certain contraindications in the healthy individuals, and because of that, the best advice is to seek the help from an experienced homeopath. However, if the bleeding is extremely abnormal, one should contact the specialist as soon as possible.

The Beneficial Remedies

Anyway, the most important thing is to choose the herbally based remedy according to the most pointed out symptoms. For instance, if there is the case of the general weakness and intervals of the heavy pain in the abdomen, of course, besides, the heavy discharge of the blood and the prolonged menstruation, there should be examined the effect of the remedy called Veratrum album. And, if the pain is especially located on the inner side of the thighs and on the hips, and the pain in the head and on the neck is felt before the menstruation, Cimicifuga is the remedy that should be used.

However, the most frequent are the symptoms of the irritability and the emotional restlessness. So, in the case of these problems which are accompanied with the dark discharge, Chamomilla should be used, and in the cases of the lighter bleeding, Calcarea carbonica is the best choice.

When a woman feels extremely attacked from her surroundings and because of that she is very touchy and nervous, Lachesis, Lilium tigrinu, Nux vomica and Sepia are the best remedies. However if the emotional problems incline towards the sadness and depression, Pulsatilla (more apropriate for younger women) and Natrium muriaticum are the best homeopathic solutions to these menstrual problems.

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