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Homeopathy to Curb Sugar Cravings
Although sugar is considered to be one of the most essential fuels that our body needs, in order to maintain and provide the energy for almost all of the life’s processes, the first association many get is that of sugar related problems. This is, of course, the fact when a person in question consumes, not the type of sugar found in whole foods (in balance with the rest of the nutrients and minerals), but that found elsewhere, extracted and refined in nature. Well, here is where natural treatment ways come in as saviors, most specifically homeopathy.
For those not that familiar with the “ways” of homeopathy, this natural treatment method is based on the employment of tiny quantities of substances originating from various plants, minerals or even animals for the purpose of aiding our body in establishing that healthy and favorable balance, by means of awakening the body’s inborn potential to heal itself. In a more picturesque manner, in case you experience intense sugar cravings and are absolutely “mad” for sweets, the homeopathic expert you decided to turn to will first of all ask of you to tell him in as more detail as possible all the specifics of your state. This way he/she will be able to formulate the best possible homeopathic treatment, which is to be precisely tailored to fit your health needs.
Helpful Homeopathic Remedies
Calcarea is a medicine that is made from calcium, and is the probable one to be recommended when a person in question craves sweets while experiencing a headache.Argentum Nitricum, also known as silver nitrate, is extremely effective in those cases when a person is suffering from diarrhea due to anxiety and is absolutely “mad” about both, salty foods and sweets.Sulphur. Though in most cases this remedy is recommended for the treatment of skin related problems, it is also found to be helpful in curbing sweets craving such as ice cream or chocolate.Lycopodium. This remedy is to be employed in those cases where the extremely intense sugar craves are followed by a bloated and rumbling stomach. One thing to have in mind is that this can also be in direct relation with self-esteem issues and lack of confidence in a person.Gymnema is known for quite some time as one of the most effective aiders in warding and successfully fighting off sugar cravings, as well as treating obesity and diabetes. In one study it was shown that, by simply chewing Gymnema, person’s urge for sweets and sugar decreases significantly.

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