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Homeopathy and Tetanus

Homeopathy is such an approach to the healing process that effects the entire person, providing an in depth treatment of that person. What this implies is that the primary concern of homeopathy is the person itself, not just the patient-aspect. In order for all those homeopathic remedies and medicines to be most effective, detailed testing of the person in need of homeopathy has to be done so the treatment could be perfectly tailored to that person’s health needs. These tests most often include the case-analysis (i.e. person’s medical history, mental and physical constitution are among the most important aspects).


Nux Vomica (also known as Nux-v) – this homeopathic medicine is considered to be the most effective and most beneficial. Its characterized by titanic convulsions (with opisthotonos), eye and face distortion and dysponea caused by outer impressions. One of the constituents of this remedy, strychnia (alkaloid in nature) replicates tetanus extremely well, given the fact that it is characterized by muscle convulsion reactivated by even minutest of impressions coming from the external environment.Hydrocyanic Acid (also known as Hydr-ac) – this remedy is considered to be fairly helpful and homeopathic to tetanus itself. Main characteristics are that it initiates the occurrence of persistent tonic spasms, due to its straightforward effect on person’s spinal cord. Areas of appearance include back, jaws and the face.Cicuta Virosa (also known as Cic) – is the one remedy that is extremely helpful when a person in question is experiencing tetanoid convulsions, abrupt jerks and rigidity that is directly followed by person’s collapse. What also occurs are difficulties in breathing, locking of the person’s jaw, stomach spasms and eyes fixed and concentrated on one particular point in space in which a person finds him/herself.Physostigma (also known as Phys) – in this case what occurs is the irritation of the sensory nerves. Also fairly common are leg and spine stiffness due to tetanic spasms, as well as pupil dilation and contraction. Among the most effective substances are carbolic acid, and phenol, which has proven to be more effective than even the antitetanic serum.Passiflora – is the remedy that has proven its utmost effectiveness in those most hot regions and countries of the world, when it comes to treating tetanus. It has to be employed in fairly large doses, in order to be effective.Stramonium (also known as Stram) – remedies and cures convulsions appearing due to tetanic attacks, spasms occurring in the chest and glottis area that tend to worsen due to light or even touch.

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