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Acid Reflux – background and effects
This highly unpleasant condition is most often regarded and termed as the bulk of symptoms that occur due to extreme stomach acid reflux back to the esophagus. Among the most frequently encountered symptoms we find, as many would have probably already guessed, the heartburn, while the rest are difficulty in swallowing, regurgitation, salivation, occurrence of intense pain during swallowing, pain in the abdominal and chest area, as well as frequent nauseas. The most common cause of all acid refluxes is a sudden and lasting change occurring on the barrier that is situated in between the stomach and the esophagus of a person.
Homeopathic Remedies
When it comes to employing, so to say, unconventional techniques and methods for treating this condition, homeopathy tops the list as the most helpful and effective one. Its strength lies in the fact that each and every remedy, homeopathic in nature, is actually specialized in treating most effectively one specific symptom or manifestation of acid reflux. The only downside of homeopathy and its faithful allies – natural remedies, is that they do not hold the power to treat acid reflux as such, but, they aid in curing and alleviating particular symptoms that follow the condition in question.
Most Effective Remedies to The Rescue
Nux Vomica and Pulsatilla – the former remedy has proven to be extremely effective in those people who suffer from the type of acid reflux that is followed by heartburn and the overall worsening of the reflux itself, due to too much stress, spicy food and alcohol as well. Those who will find this remedy most useful are people who get all to easily irritated, and are too sensitive to light and noise. The latter remedy is most effective in those people who suffer from a type of acid refulx that is characterized by deterioration of the overall symptoms after the person in question has had fatty and “rich” food for a particular meal. Pulsatilla is extremely efficient in those people who find warm rooms only to worsen their symptoms, and once out in cold and fresh air, they feel so relieved.
Phosphorus and Sulphur – the former is considered to be the most helpful in people experiencing a burning pain due to acid reflux, especially in the chest area, and are only relieved when taking in liquid that is cold. The latter is a remedy that is most effective in those acid reflux sufferers whose condition is followed by belching and the presence of an intense burning pain, often accompanied by diarrhea as well.

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