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Homeopathy, colds and flu
Homeopathic remedies have been increasingly used in the past decade as the best possible means to treat many diseases and conditions. One of those is also flu, and there exist a couple of homeopathic remedies that are especially effective in warding it off. One of them is called Anas barbarie, which should be taken at the outset of flu, in a dosage of one and a half tube every two hours – five doses in total. A combo of more than one remedy is effective in most cases, but it is essential to take it in the initial 4 to 12 hours after the occurrence of the initial symptoms. As far as the dosage is concerned, the one to take into account is that stated on the label at the back. In case flu gets “stubborn” and refuses to leave you, then it is time to employ a stronger and more effective remedy such as:
Eupatorium perfoliatum, the remedy that is particularly effective for the flu that brings about a lot of ache and back and bones chills, as well as excessive fatigue and intense headaches. Gelsemium, the one to be employed when a person is experiencing bouts of drowsiness and weakness, which cease once the person in question urinates.Arsenicum album, the one to turn to if a person is experiencing chills, restlessness and is growing increasingly weak, or when he/she finds him/herself in a room with a low temperature, but still with the urge to consume a cold drink. External manifestations are red runny nose and discharge that burns and causes discomfort.
Special remedies
Aconitum napellus is most effective for the type of flu that appears all of a sudden and is followed by increased anxiety, fever, feeling of extreme thirst and constricted pupils. As the nighttime gets near, the symptoms tend to worsen, and the culprits are considered to be cold wind and shock related to a particular situation. Apis mellifica is to be used when a person is suffering from a dry fever, which is interchanging with flushing in the face, sweating, sore throat and swollen tonsils. Another downside is that the occurring pain has the tendency to spread all the way to the ears and also cause one’s eyelids to swell heavily. Some of the things that can ease this condition are cool air exposure, as well as preparations that soothe the skin. Although fever is present most of the time, person in question has no excessive urges to drink fluids, but can have the tendency to become extremely easily irritated.

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