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Definition of MumpsMumps is the medical term for the condition which is actually an acute disease, of the viral origin. This virus attacks the parotid gland which is located between the back of the jaw and throat and the ears and its function is to secrete the saliva and thus to enable the easier process of chewing and swallowing. Being the salivary, this gland makes this disorder easily contagious, and that is why there is the vaccine for its prevention.

This condition is manifested as the swelling and the pain of the areas where these glands are located and the increased temperature of the body and the dryness in the mouth are also the indicators of this condition.

It is essentially important to treat this condition right away after being noticed because, if not treated, it can spread on the productive organs, that is, in the case of the teenagers and adult people. The homeopathic treatment should be used because it doesn’t involve the negative side-effect (unlike the synthetically made medications), of course, if the right dose is taken.

Homeopathic remedies for Mumps

At this point it should be emphasized that the decision on which herbal homeopathic remedy will be used, depends on the combination of the most prominent symptoms of the mumps. For instance, if the dryness in the mouth and the urge to stay away from cold environment is present, and if the condition is rather acute, Aconitum napellus is the remedy which should be chosen.

For the acute and sudden conditions, belladonna is very helpful (also relieves the symptom of the irritation caused by the intensive light. Nevertheless, if the thirst is accompanied by the worsened condition whenever the patient makes any motion, bryonia is the best choice there is. But, if the thirst is not so prominent and the patient is touchy, he or she should try the remedy called Apis millifica.

However, in the cases of the unbearable nervousness and the increased weakness of the organism, Arsenicum album is the best remedy. Calcarea carbonica is the herb which is used if the nervousness is followed by the sweating during the night time, when sleeping. However, if the patient is extremely nervous and agitated, Rhus toxicodendron is the best solution to the problem. Carbo vegetabilis is the remedy which provides the relief from the symptom of not having enough air.

When the condition is more prone to be worsened by the changes of the climate, one should use the herbal remedy called Mercurius solubilis. If the affected person feels much better in a warm surrounding, Phytolacca should be chosen remedy.

Anyway, the best remedy for preventing this condition from spreading to the reproductive organs is Pulsatilla.

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