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Bite of a tropical mosquito may transfer yellow fever. This is a viralinfection, and the condition might pass the relatively mild or, in some cases,become a serious condition.

The most common symptom of yellow fever is hepatitis, causing jaundice. Skinbecomes yellowish and that’s how the disease got its name.

Mild cases of the condition have symptoms resembling influenza. Somepatients develop a severe case of yellow fever, having high fever, muscle pain,loss of fluid and upset stomach and sometimes serious headache. Other effectsinclude meningitis, internal bleeding or kidney failure.

Most patients get better after couple of days and the fever calms down.However, there are some yellow fever patients (15%), when the fever returns anddevelop serious problems.

Homeopathic Remedies


Arsenicum is the most common of all the homeopathic remedies in thiscondition, and it is often used in later stages of the disease. Sometime justthis one remedy might be enough to cure the patient.

It is recommended for yellow fever patients who are nauseous, vomit and haveweak pulse. Often, these patients experience the burning sensation in the chestand excessive thirst.

Argentum Nitricum

This is also considered to be a very good remedy for yellow fever,especially in severe vomiting and progressive stages of the illness.


This remedy is best used in early stages of the condition. It helpsrelieving fever and chillness, and also certain mental changes, often presentin yellow fever disease. Aconite is also easing the high temperature in thesepatients.


Nausea, vomiting, abdominal problems, slow speech and delirium caused byyellow fever are treated with lachesis. Usually, some severe cases are treatedwith this homeopathic preparation.

Sulphuric Acid

Yellow fever is sometimes connected with decreased urination, black orsmelly stools and excessive sweat. Homeopaths recommend sulphuric acid in thosecases.


This remedy should be uses in black vomit and blood poisoning, when patientshave yellow skin and experience delirium.

Carbo Vegetabilis

Carbo vegetalis is used to prevent the yellow fever, or to treat laterstages, when the illness is getting serious.


Phosphorous was proven successful fighting the yellow fever in Rio deJanerio.

Belladonna and Bryonia are also helpful to relieve the illnessin early stages. Gelsemium is used in patients that become apathetic.Another useful remedy is Camfora. If the illness is associated withvomiting, the best treatment could be Ipecac. Cadmium sulphate issuggested to be used in cases of black vomiting.

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