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What is Nasal Congestion?

Nasal congestion is the medical term for the blockage of the air passages in the nasal cavity, which is most commonly the consequence of the enlargement, or to be more precise, of the swelling of the inner mucous membranes of that area. Additionally, this blockage is often aggravated by the accumulated mucus which is abnormally secreted from the sinuses.

Fortunately, there are a lot of the medical products on the market for dealing with this problem, such as the decongestant in the form of the drops or sprays but it is better to choose the homeopathic treatment instead of buying those artificial products. And that is mostly because the decongestants tend to provoke the addiction to certain substances in them. However, the naturally based homeopathic remedies don’t provide the instant relief, such as the decongestants, but they sure provide the relief in the longer run. Also, they are not accompanied with the harmful side-effects, of course, if used in the proper dose and if it is carefully determined which remedy is the most suitable for the individual.

The most effective homeopathic remedies

In the case of this kind of the herbal remedies, they are chosen depending on the combination of the existing symptoms and depending on which symptom is the most prominent. After that, the first, low potent doses should be taken in order to examine their effect on the organism, and if it is beneficial, the dose could be gradually increased.

Anyway, the homeopathy is the most successful in getting rid of the blockage which is associated with the inflammation of the sinuses. For example, if the secreted mucus is yellowish and followed with the discharge of the blood, the pain in the frontal part of the sinuses and if the condition varies according to the air climate, the remedy based on Hydrastis should be used.

Also, in the case of the painful frontal region, but, if it is accompanied by the unpleasant smell in the nasal airways and the metallic taste in the mouth, and the mucus that is sometimes greenish, the remedy called Mercurious is the recommended one. In this case, the affected individual also suffers from the memory loss and he or she feels irritated all the time.

Nevertheless, if the mucus smells like cheese, if the condition is dramatically worsened when the air is cold, and if the region of the sinus cavities is swollen, Hepar sulph should be used. And, Kai bich is used in the similar cases, but if the pain and pressure is even more increased, and if the mucus is really thick and gluey.

If the pain and the blockage are the invariable symptoms, and the sense of smell tends to be lost and eyes watery, Pulsatilla is the best choice.

However, if the sinusitis is triggered by an allergic reaction, and the blockage is, therefore, a chronic problem, Silicea should be used. This kind of congestion is also followed by the dryness in the nose, the dense mucus, and sometimes even the injuries on the inner lining could appear. The treatments which use warmth are also very helpful in these patients.

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