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Definition of Mastitis

Mastitis is the medical term for the infection and inflammation of the breast(s). This health problem is manifested as the large swelling, redness, increased tenderness of the affected areas, the breasts become stiff and the nipples sore, and sometimes the high temperature and chills are included as the normal response of the organism to the infection. But, the most troublesome symptom is the pain but, fortunately, there are a lot of ways how to deal with it, by both, the conventionally prescribed painkillers and the anti-inflammatory drugs, and the homeopathic remedies for treating the pain and its cause (in this case, the inflammation).

First of all, it should be understood how mastitis occurs. It is actually the logical consequence of the drying and accumulating of the milk in the period of the maternal nutrition. So, when the nipples are not cleansed properly and if some amounts of the milk remained in the breasts after the breastfeeding, certain amounts of the dried and dense milk tend to create a cork-like formation and thus block the passage of the milk in the breasts. Therefore, the inevitable consequence is the infection.

The naturally based homeopathic treatment

However, mastitis can be stopped at the very first stages of the development by applying a hot compress onto the breast and that way softening the cork. Anyway, if this hasn’t been done, the condition can be cured by the use of the herbal remedies. The advantage of the homeopathic treatment, especially concerning this matter, is that by treating the consequence -the pain, at the same time, the cause is treated. For example, if combining the treatment of the herb called belladonna 30C with the phytolacca 30C, on every three or four hours, the symptoms are lessened in the period of just two days. Of course, the dosage can be increased up to the maximum of the 200C, if the condition is more severe.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that the herb phytolacca is more appropriate to be used in the case of the appearance of the certain lump-like formations and bumps and if the pain affects all the way to the armpit as well. And, belladonna is focused on the more acute type of mastitis. Nevertheless, monkshood can be also used in the acute cases, but when the pain is not of the pulsating kind.

Besides those, bryonia is also very beneficial herb for providing the relief from this condition, especially when the picking pain and the hardness of a breast is felt. And, in the case of the increased tenderness and the presence of the pus, the herbs called hepar sulphuris and mercurius should be used. If the most prominent symptom is, however, the tenderness, lac-canium is the best choice. And, if the pain is located mainly on the area of the nipples, the seed of the croton-oil should be used to treat this condition.

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