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There are a lot of known infections, they are the most common health problems, and they can be minor or severe, depending on which of the vital organs is infected and which stage of the infection is reached. Infections are most commonly caused by the infective agents, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. So, this condition actually grows into a disease, which is manifested as the natural response of the body, characterized by the swelling of the affected tissue, inflammatory process, increased temperature of the body and similar.

How does the homeopathy work?

This branch of the alternative medicine uses the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs and has been becoming more and more popular lately. It is focused on treating the condition with the substances which would cause certain contraindications in the healthy individuals. So, the most important thing is to consult an experienced homeopath, who will carefully determine the dose of a homeopathic remedy that is needed. In the beginning, the smaller doses are prescribed and gradually increased if the organism gives a beneficial response to it.

Homeopathy and infections

However, there are numerous remedies for the variety of the infections, and every remedy should be chosen exactly according to the most prominent symptom and the combination of the signs of the infection.

Therefore, the remedy that has the most generalized range of the effects is the sulphur, especially if the skin irritations are included and if the infection is at the advanced stage and if there are several complications. Additionally, the hepar sulphuris calcareum should be used in the cases of the infections which include the little formations on the skin filled with pus and when an individual feels emotionally wounded as well.

Nevertheless, if the lymph nodes are also swollen, apart from the basic symptoms, mercurius solubilis and calcarea carbonica (solves the problem of the general weakness too) are recommended in the cases of the additional halitosis. The herb called silica is recommended for the patients who also feel the exhaustion and who are more susceptible to all the other infectious processes.

When that is the case, apart from that, the remedy which is used in order to prevent the wounds of the skin (e.g. herpes on the lips) is the graphite, and, at the same time, it successfully deals with the problems of the mental and physical weakness. The similar effect can be provided with the use of calendula, which should be applied directly onto the wound, in order to stop the inflammatory process at the very first stages. Ferrum phosphoricum is also used for preventing infections right away after being noticed.

And, when an individual’s eyes can’t bear light that is too intense, bryonia is the recommendable remedy, and belladonna is used when the extremities are cold even though the high temperature is present. And, finally, in the case of rather acute infection, acontum napellus is the best option there is.

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