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The disorders of the breathing, or as the medical experts refer to as the respiratory problems, are among the most frequent health problems. Especially common are the infections of the lungs (or, as medically called, the pulmonary infections) and they become more and more resistant to the conventional drugs lately. Also, the majority of the infections are of the viral origin and that is why they can’t be treated by the use of the antibiotics. Anyway, these infections are spread among the elderly, very young, and the population with a weaker immunity.


So, having in mind that the conventional medicine is prone to lose its ability to cure the diseases related to the lungs, through the time, mostly because the mentioned resistance and the adaptation of the germs to the medications, the best solution is to choose the alternative treatment. In this case the best is the homeopathic treatment which deals with a condition by focusing on the combination of the most prominent indicators of a disease (e.g. a lot of them are focused on treating the problem of the accumulation of the fluid in the lungs), by using the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs.

However, the most important part of such the treatment is to carefully examine the effect of the first dose of the chosen remedy to the organism and then gradually increase it if the effect is satisfying. In the cases of the lung infections, every single homeopathic remedy is focused on the enhancement of the immunity, because it is, actually, the root of the problem. Also, having in mind this fact, it is logical that all the below listed remedies could help in curing the malignant tumor of the lungs.

The most effective remedies

If there is a secretion of rather dense mucus, Pulsatilla or Justicia adhatoda should be used, and in the case of the inflammation of the bronchi, Sambus nigra is the better choice.

Nevertheless, if the watery swollen formations (edema) appeared in the lungs, and the coughing is accompanied by the contractions of this organ, Kali phos is the remedy which should be used. If the feeling of the pressure in the chest is constant, Phosphorus should be used (also treats the problems with the discharge of the blood of the lungs and the malignant tumors). If, additionally, the pressure is spread on the larynx, Chelidonum majus is the recommended remedy. Also, when the patient experiences especially heavy pain when inhaling, Conium maculatum is the best solution. If the pain is heavier in the left part of the lungs, the patient should be under the treatment with Euphorbium officinarum.

However, if someone expels the blood through the mouth, in the act of coughing, Crotalus horridus should be used. And, if the urge for throwing up is also present, the remedy called Sulphuricum acidum is the better solution.

In the case of the ulcers which could spread onto the other organs as well, Methylene blue is the homeopathic remedy which should be used. Bryonia, Chelidonum majus and Bromium are the most recommendable for asthma and pneumonia, and for the tuberculosis, Arsenicum iodatum, Acalypha indica,and Aranea diadema.

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