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Gastritis is also known as the inflammation of the mucous membrane that covers the interior part of the stomach and is manifested as rather a burning sensation in the stomach, bloating, and the urge for expelling the acid from it.

However, the triggers of this condition are the abnormal intake of the substances that cause the irritation of this membrane, such as alcohol, the cigarette smoke (tar and nicotine), caffeine, hot condiments, carbonated water, pastas, and the dramatically lowered absorption of the basic minerals, especially the iron. However, this condition is likely to be caused by other causes as well, such as some forceful punch, the ulcer and by some infectious processes.

Gastritis should be treated right away after being noticed because it inevitably leads to the other gastrointestinal problems and may provoke the apparition of the ulcer on the stomach’s lining.

So, in order to provide the relief from the unpleasant symptoms, one must increase the intake of fluids in general (the freshly squeezed juice from the potato, carrot, lemon, spinach, buttermilk, and the coconut water are highly recommendable). Also, the vegetables that successfully help the recovery process are the ginger in the fresh form or the baked fennel, the ajwain mixed with a little bit of salt, or curd with a little bit of Sprague and the black salt.

The homeopathic remedies

Those remedies provide a lot of the benefits to the stomach’s membrane, but they must be consumed very carefully and not without some experienced homeopath’s care. Of course, one must lead a healthy lifestyle in general along with the carefully planned dietary regime which is based on the natural homeopathic remedies. And they are used depending on the symptoms that are pointed out.

For example, if the stomach is flatulent, the frequent sickness is present, and the diarrhea is combined with the constipation, along with the already mentioned basic symptoms, nux vomica should be used. If the pain in the stomach is moving downwards, the phosphorus is the best solution. If the pain could be described as the burning sensation, arsenic and sulphur are the best herbal remedies. And, for nausea and vomiting, one of the best remedies are argentums nitricum, graphites; and bryonia alba is advisable to be consumed if someone suffers also from the rheumatic diathesis.

However, if the bloating and flatulence are the most prominent amongst the other symptoms, lycopodium, veretratum album, carbo vegetabilis, belladonna, kali bichhromicum, pulsatilla, and aconice are to be recommended, of course, depending on which symptoms and troubles of the gastrointestinal system are also present.

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