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Various disorders and diseases can be consequence of the high blood pressure, most commonly kidney and heart problems and a risk of stroke. Episodes of stress, nervousness and anxiety may momentarily raise the blood pressure, but prolonged and constant elevation of levels of blood pressure is dangerous and it should be dealt with.

Homeopathic remedies are excellent alternative to the classic medical approach and medicaments. Homeopathic remedies are harmless and have no side effects. About which kind of homeopathic remedy is best suited for your particular problem, as of way of use and dosage, it is best to consult your homeopathic expert.

Usual principle is to start slowly with one chosen remedy, see how it works, and then continue to use it, or try another one. Important thing is not to be impatient; some of those remedies take same reasonable time to work.

Here is a list of some of recommended homeopathic remedies for cases of high blood pressure;


This is a good choice of remedy for people with problems of hardening the arteries, degenerative problems with nerves, paralysis, contractures or muscle problems. Some of those problems are worsened by lying down, on the left side.

Natrum muriaticum

This particular homeopathic remedy is recommended for people with primary mental state problems and strong feelings, like disappointment, grief, anger, fear of misfortune, etc. tension in the chest and headaches are also common.


Indications for usage of this remedy are pulsing in the neck, blood rushing to the head and flushed red cheeks. Person also may have migraines, headaches, allergies, heartburns, shoulder problems and digestive problems.


Persons in need for this homeopathic remedy usually are sympathetic, sensitive and suggestible. They also may have problems with dizziness, weakness and feeling of heaviness and pain in the chest. Symptoms may be diminished after good night sleep.

Nux vomica

Angered, frustrated, offended and impatient people are in the need for this kind of remedy. Strong desire they fell for alcohol, strong food, sweets and other stimulants may only worsen the problems with high blood pressure.


People who suffer from high blood pressure and are in need for this remedy is usually talkative and intense, with inner agitation and passion that needs to “let go”. They also have strong feeling of revenge, jealousy and suspicion.


This is a good remedy for cases of intense and sudden symptoms, like dilated pupils, flushed face or throbbing and pulsating feeling in various parts of the body, vertigo, and pounding headaches. Despite of felling of general heat in the body hands or feet may be cold.

There are some other homeopathic remedies that you can also use in order to relieve your high blood pressure symptoms, like Aurum metallicum, Argentum nitricium, Calcarea carbonica or Glononium.

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