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The high temperature of the body, also called fever, often isn’t, but could be, yet more frequently, the indicator of a lot of diseases, or, to be more exact, of a lot of infections. That is, fever is the most general and the symptom of illnesses that is usually felt first. The 103 F is the limit above which the temperature is considered as high.

The homeopathic medical praxis has shown itself as a good solution to the problem of fever, not only because it reduces the effects of symptoms, but it treats the condition successfully and without the negative side effects. Their common characteristic is that they all have a beneficial effect in small doses, but if taken in large doses, they can be rather dangerous.

For example, the usage of belladonna in a bigger amount produces the headaches, delirium, erythrism, cerebral problems and throbbing carotids. It also irritates the eyes and the skin violently, but if taken properly, belladonna forces the fever to pass more quickly.

When the fever is followed by nausea, thirst, a loss of appetite and the pain in the limbs and bones, along with the exhaustion that is generally felt, it is good to use the Rhus toxicodendron.

Gelsemium is recommended when a more dull condition (from the wide range of the types of fever) occur. That is, when someone suffers from the fever that includes weakness and dizziness, as the most pointed out characteristics. It is also beneficial for the gastritic fever.

But, when the chillness is the most prominent symptom of the high temperature, the Aconite should be consumed. There are also certain mental or psychic symptoms that are included in this type of fever, such as the thirst that is violent, restlessness and anxiety. But, the fever is over hen the critical point of producing the sweat is terminated.

After taking this remedy, it is usually advised to consume Sulphur, mostly because after sweating, the consequence is the dryness of the skin. The sulphur is very significant and valuable remedy for fever.

And finally, the Bryonia is the remedy that also relieves this condition. It is focused to treat the cases when someone suffers from the fever along with the strong headache (often described as the feeling that the head is about to explode), faintness when getting up suddenly, the chills and the constant sensation of thirst. But, this one is the fever associated to the problems of liver, chest and stomach.

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