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Homeopathy has the answer

With more than 2,000 remedies that you can use to strengthen you immune defence structure, homeopathy can offer invaluable help in treating infective respiratory disorders. What is more, these remedies could help ward off a potential epidemic of this ailment. The choice of the remedy that is just right for you varies depending on several factors.

To illustrate the effectiveness of homeopathic solutions, there has been a case where a man with pneumonia had been taking several antibiotics with no improvement, only to discover that homeopathic remedies were what he needed all along. His immune defence mechanism had been down, and it needed help badly – after taking appropriate remedies, his condition significantly improved in just a day.

There are some situations in the body, say tiredness, malnutrition, stressful situations, when it becomes exceedingly weak and thus susceptible to various maladies. That is when you can easily catch a cold. What symptoms are indicative of this condition? Runny nose, obstructed nasal cavities, sneezing, febrile conditions of different intensities, general pain or sluggishness, and most frequently irritated throat and cough.

Most frequently used remedies

If you possibly can, try to find an expert in homeopathy in your district. However, if you cannot find such a person, there are some pieces of advice you can follow on your own.

Here are some of the most frequently used remedies: justicia adhatoda (this one works very well for a whole range of infective respiratory diseases), sambucus nigra (applicable in cases of bronchitis, one of the symptoms being coughing especially at night), pulsatilla (use it when you notice your baby is coughing, secreting too much mucus, or is excessively clingy).

Here are some of the medications, or remedies, that you can use for treating colds and other respiratory diseases:

Aconite napellus: this particular medication is used when the symptoms first occur, especially in the cases where the infection hits fast and hard. Those symptoms would be obstruction in the nasal cavities caused by the excessive mucus, chest tightness, thirst, sensation of cold, feeling of apprehension, or alarm.

Allium cepum: turn to this remedy when you experience the signs such as excessive sneezing, frequent coughing, clear mucous secretion from the nose, aggravated when the patient goes into the open air from an indoor environment.

Mercurius solubilis: people who are overly responsive to temperatures, and also perspire or salivate during the night should definitely use this remedy. Other symptoms these patients could experience are problems with the lymph nodes, foul breath or infection of the ear or tonsils.

Turn to homeopathic solutions whenever you can. Its remedies will certainly help your body heal itself while at the same time help you ward off the most immediate signs of illness.

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