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What is morning sickness?

The nausea and the urge for vomiting that is felt most commonly in the morning is one of the most prominent indicators of the condition of being pregnant. It is, however, the natural response of the organism, but it can be very annoying and troublesome and that is why the homeopaths, up to the present, have found a lot of beneficial ways to treat this problem, either by preventing it, or by lessening this, already existing, most characteristic symptom of pregnancy.The best homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy is the recommended treatment for this condition since it is exclusively based on the use of the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs. And, the only thing that the pregnant women should be careful about is find the right dose of the carefully chosen remedy.

Also, at this point, it should be emphasized that every homeopathic remedy is used in the cases of another sets of the symptoms, and a lot of them (symptoms) are of the psychological nature. For example, if the pregnant woman also feels generally irritated, especially by the strong sounds and if she suffers from the loss of appetite additionally, she should use the herbal remedy called Asarum. Some women are more likely to feel the repulsion to the specific foods, most commonly to eggs and fish, and the increased sensitivity to all the smells is present. In such the case, the best homeopathic remedy is Colchicum.

In the most general and in the most usual cases, Lacticum acidum is recommended. However, if the secretion of the saliva is increased and thus the sickness is worsened by the swallowed mucus, Kreosotum must be used for the treatment of this problem.

Nevertheless, in some cases of the urge for vomiting tends to last all day long, and it is usually accompanied by the pale facial skin and the abnormal production of the saliva. In those cases, Ipecacuanha is the best solution. But, the all-day nausea can be worsened especially in the evening and the afternoon part of a day, (and, consequently, the affected woman also feels nervous, depressed, and her self-esteem is lowered); and this problem should be solved by the use of the herbal remedy called Pulsatilla. In the similar purpose could be used, and the similar effect could be provided, by using Sepia.

However, if the faintness is the most prominent symptom that accompanies the sickness felt in the mornings, Tabacum is the solution to the problem, and Nux Vomica should be chosen in the cases of the generally, felt irritations.

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