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Description of Conjunctivitis

The pink eye problem, or as medically called conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the medical term for the transparent mucous membrane that covers the eyes and the inner parts of the eyelids. It is very common eye condition, since it can be the result of the entrance of viruses or bacteria into the eye(s), which provoke the inflammatory process of the lining as the natural response of the organism to the described attack. However, besides the mentioned triggers, the other harmful particles from the environmental air are likely to lead to this problem, such as the germs, polluted particles, allergens, or the abnormal contact of the eyes with the sun rays.The naturally based treatment

The homeopathic treatment based on the beneficial herbs is very recommendable because, if carefully dosed (that is by examining the effect of the first dose and then gradually increase it, if the effect is beneficial), it will be as effective as the conventional treatment based on the prescribed artificial drugs, but, without the negative side-effects. Besides that, the homeopathic remedies prevent, cure and provide the relief from the troublesome indicators of this disease (pain, irritation, redness, itch, swelling and the secretion) in a longer run. However, it is essentially important to find the most appropriate remedy for each individual, since they are chosen according to the combination of the most prominent symptoms.

For example, Argentum nitricium is the remedy which should be used in the cases of the secreted thick and yellow mucus, and if especially the corners of the eyes near the nose are reddish. When the secrete is green, Mercurius solubilis is the recommended remedy.

Nevertheless, if the swelling is the most prominent sign of this infection and if the sharp pain is included, and all this is followed by the glued eyelids after sleeping, Apis mellifica should be the chosen remedy. If the individual also feels discomfort under the influence of the intensive light, he or she should use the remedy called Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum.

However, if the described symptoms are the consequence of the common cold, Pulsatilla should be used. In this case, the patient also shows some emotional problems, such as excessive fragility. If the affected individual is touchier and he or she suffers mostly from the dull pain in the eyes, he or she should try the treatment based on the herb Natrum muriaticum. Also, in the cases of a lot of redness in the whites of the eyes and the pain that burns, Sulphur is the best remedy there is.

All in all, here are also some effective remedies that could be made at home: simply putting on the heated cloth immersed in the chamomile tea, calendula, the flowers from the jasmine, or the salty water; or applying the teabags over the eye(s), boric acid or honey.

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