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Today depression is becoming more and more common among people worldwide.

The causes of this serious condition can be various, starting from too much stress in everyday life, disappointments, troubles in relationships, problems at work, death of a close person, to hormonal imbalances or even dietary deficiencies. However, no matter what the reason for depression might be, such condition calls for an immediate attention, and if necessary even help of a professional.

The reason for a growing interest in homeopathy and homeopathic remedies is related to the fact that such remedies are suitable for all ages and that the ingredients are of animal, herbal, or mineral origin, not chemical. Those who choose to fight the depression this way, should also consult homeopathic physician, with the help of which, the best remedy will be easier to find, since it is prescribed by symptoms, not conditions. Depending on the symptoms, in some cases even a few remedies may be appropriate, which is a reason more to consult a homeopathic physician.

Here will be listed some of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies for depression:

Aurum metallicum, is intended for serious people, who become depressed if they fail to achieve a goal related to their work.

Calcarea carbonica, treats symptoms like fatigue, confusion, self-pity, discouragement, typical usually of industrious people, overwhelmed from too much worry, physical illness, or work.

Causticum, is intended for people in grief because of the loss, who are angry about the world, and cry a lot, or feel forgetful and deeply sympathetic towards others.

Ignatia amara is usually chosen for sensitive people suffering disappointment or grief and keeping the pain inside themselves. These people may seem moody and guarded, bursting out laughing or crying for no obvious reason. They may also suffer serious sleeping problems and headaches.

Natrum carbonicum is advised to selfless and gentle people who tend to avoid every possible conflict and try to be cheerful and helpful. Disappointment may lead to depression, but they will try to keep their feelings for themselves.

Pulsatilla is for those who tend to be whiny and jealous, expecting a lot of attention and comforting when in a bad mood. Pulsatilla also helps with depression during hormonal changes.

Sepia is a remedy for those who are irritable and worn out by everyday demands, who are often indifferent to family members and want to be left alone and keep their distance from others.

Staphysagria can be a very efficient remedy for those who cannot stand up for themselves, who feel shame and resentment, or even become enraged sometimes if under the pressure.

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