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Characteristics of a Narcissist

Narcissists are people who admire themselves over all other people. For these reasons they are unable to function properly inside any part of our society nor are they capable of forming healthy relationships due to their obsession with their own selves. Narcissist spends most of their time glorifying themselves, considering their traits superior to those of other people. Even though, you might find it hard to take these descriptions seriously, but, nevertheless, narcissism is considered a form of mental illness. As for the reasons behind this phenomenon, there are many. However, perhaps the most common one is the one stemming from the family itself. Namely, children who are either pampered excessively or ignored absolutely, both have quite big chances of becoming narcissists once they grow up. These two extremes make one glorify him or herself above other people due to a habit or, quite oppositely, the lack of this habit at a young age.

Personality of a Narcissist

First and foremost, these people consider themselves absolutely, flawlessly perfect. Therefore, they are convinced that they cannot make any mistakes nor can they be wrong in any respect. Subsequently, they burst in anger and irritation once any of their aspects is brought to doubt by others. Additionally, these people often enjoy company of those who will glorify them and feel subservient to them, feeding their self-worshiping even further. Furthermore, they completely lack sympathy or love for other people. Rather, they need others only to confirm their perfection and all those who do not are considered envious and jealous. Narcissists are proud of their intellect, beauty, success and power, always wanting more recognition of these traits they believe they have. Logically, whenever someone else is placed above them, or praised for his or her achievements, narcissists are jealous and tend to express this feeling directly.

Possible Treatments for Narcissism

Taken into consideration that other people find it extremely hard for them to live with narcissists. Thus, something needs to be done in order to put these people back to earth. Psychotherapy has proven as a useful method for these purposes. Nevertheless, the treatment is long and requires a lot of strength and will power of both the therapist and the patient. Finally, knowing what social factors cause it, parents may change their improper treatment of their child and thereby prevent narcissism from ever taking their child away from them and all the other people.

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