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Every third adult person in the United States suffers from the highblood pressure, the records of the American Heart Association (AHA) show. It isa whooping figure of more than 70 million people, without teens or childrenincluded. And even now, some cases of hypertension remain undiagnosed.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a medical condition where an individual has blood pressure above120/80 mm Hg. There are categories of blood pressure, so the one of 120/80 or underis considered normal blood pressure, above 120/80 to 130/89 is pre-hypertension anda140/90 or higher is high blood pressure (top number is called systolic and the bottom number is diastolic pressure).

Hypertension must be treated, because it presents a risk fordeveloping heart, kidneys and eyes problems. Also, high blood pressure causesatherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis and stroke, which leads to damage of thebrain tissue. Untreated chronic hypertension is responsible for these end-organdamages.

Homeopathy in Hypertension

The most used homeopathic remedies for high blood pressure are: aurum, lachesis and belladonna.


This homeopathic remedy is recommended to be used inpatients who have weakened valves, loss of flexibility and arteriosclerosis. Also,it is beneficial to hypertension patients who experience sudden increase ofblood supply to the chest, heart, severe headaches, night pains orangina. Homeopathy values psychological symptoms same asphysiological. That’s why this discipline knows that the patients might feel hopeless,be depressed or have suicidal ideas.

Alcohol, cold weather, winter and daytime worsen the symptomsof hypertension in these patients. Relaxation and warming up have a soothingeffect.

High blood pressure characterized with these symptoms mightbe caused by uterus problems, menopause, and sometimes personal loss andgrief.


Belladonna is used in hypertension patients who arehypersensitive, with red and hot face and dilated pupils. In some cases,patients experience throbbing headache. Rage and anger worsen the condition, as well as themenopause, pregnancy and strenuous physical or mental efforts. Pain is worst at night or when the patients are exposed to thesun.


Patients with red, flushed face and hypersensitivity couldbe treated with lachesis. Lachesis patients have heart beat problems, muscletremor and body trembling, bruising and constriction in the chest or the head. Sometimes,the condition may be followed by suffocation feeling in the sleep. Psychological symptoms include: jealousy, suspicion and verytalkative mood.

The condition usually gets worse once the patient wakes up. Exposure to the heat or the sun has the same aggravating effect. Some womenexperience the worsening of the symptoms just before the menstruation. In thesecases condition improves significantly when the bleeding starts.

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