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Jealousy – is it really a woman'sdomain?

Inorder to understand this article, it is necessary to put oneself inthe eyes of a man complementing a girls curves.

Most ladies surelywouldn't even consider attempting...

...turning the angle in order to see the thing from a man's point ofview. And the same is equally possibly true the other way around aswell. Most men would consider a woman "immature" for"getting jealous over a few innocent compliments", andwould further condemn her for "not being able to appreciatebeauty" of another. This is also why most men think of a lady'sjealousy as the most perfectly normal thing in the world. Somethingwhich was hardwired at inception, and functions at all levels –conscious through unconscious. Furthermore, for the same of the mostmen, it would feel curiously awkward not to get served with theoccasional jealous accusations when they are to "stupidlycompliment another".

Thisjealously-induced anger is, in its mildest forms, believed (by some)to be released via a lady letting her hair down in many differentways. And there have no doubt been plenty of styles of doing thevery, since history remembers.

How would one definebeauty?

Itis perfectly normal for a lady to feel caustically jealous aboutanother good looking lady's qualities. In fact, she will even be ableto hate her for them.

Thething is, a hot body is somewhat of a hot sports car. A person iscompletely hypnotized by it whilst its there, but as soon as it'sgone there is nothing left to stare at – except the lovability of aperson's inner beauty and similar qualities.

Withthis said, it'd be pretty obvious that as a person grows, so doeshe/she grow wiser and more rational. And this simply holds no truthwhen it comes to this matter.

Thissimple truth would most easily be illustrated by the hypotheticalsituation in which a girl with a perfectly shaped behind dropssomething on the floor, and then bends over to pick it up. This wouldmost likely draw the same amount of men's admiring glances as itwould women's jealous glances – no matter the target audience'sage. The jealous women amongst the present would still bash theirheads trying to figure out what makes the men stare.

It all boils downto...

thesimple truth that this is, in fact, a matter which has been hardwireddeep into the methods of human biology. A woman whose man tosses aqueer glance towards another woman while, (how dare he!) she is stillpresent, is bound to feel this way and there is not a thing she cando about it – except for ingesting less calories while watching tv anddoing more exercise than that super hot gym instructor.

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