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Bipolar disorder is a condition which is characterized by sudden and frequent changes in the mood, ranging from a period of extremely elevated and joyful state to the state of extreme depression and sadness. Another name for this condition is manic depression. There can be many causes of it, and even though homeopathy has at disposal a number of remedies that can be used in order to help with treating this disorder, homeopaths in general suggest that their therapy is combined with psychiatric or physician visits.

Since this article is intended to be informative, we will mention here some of the remedies of bipolar disorder but they are not all of them. It is important to stress out the importance of consulting a professional homeopath for all the people who decide to include homeopathic remedies in the treatment of their bipolar disorder. The reason for that is the fact that the professional will provide them with all the necessary information and help them choose the right remedy or the combination of them, based on their symptoms and personality, as well as other factors which should be considered when making the choice. He or she will also give them proper instructions when it comes to dosage.

Aurum metallicum is used with mental states of great depression, and where there are suicidal thoughts. The feelings of self-condemnation, hopelessness and worthlessness, as well as oversensitivity to noise, and mental derangement even, are the main symptoms which indicate that this remedy should be chosen.

Hyoscyamus niger is used when nervous system is so profoundly disturbed that it results in irrational thoughts, jealousy and suspicion, fear of being poisoned, as well as in inclination to laugh at everything and nervous agitation.

Lachesis mutus is helpful in cases when a person is sad in the morning, restless, but does not want to go at work, only wants to be somewhere else. Other than that, such person is suspicious and jealous, and might have deranged sense of time.

Pulsatilla is intended for the condition of manic depression which is accompanied by symptoms of sadness and frequent crying, even weeping when talking. It is used with shy and highly emotional people, who are often indecisive, terrified of the opposite sex, and have irrational fear of dark, of being alone, or sometimes even of ghosts.

Staphysagria is suggested in cases when a person talks ceaselessly, which is often combined with singing, laughing, swearing, rhyming and other inappropriate habits. A person may be delusional about his or her identity, may have fear of darkness and solitude (which is why company is absolutely necessary), often sees ghosts or hears voices.

Tryptophan is amino acid which contributes to a general feeling of well being. Food containing this element, such as chocolate, oatmeal and bananas, increases the level of serotonin and melatonin in our brain, which results in mood change.

Aromatherapy, physical exercise, exposure to the sun at least an hour or two per day may also contribute in treating this disorder.

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