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Hernia is the medical term for the part of an organ that is swollen and which thereby bends outward the organ. Hernia is usually located inside the abdominal region and can be of the umbilical cord (happens when there is a big space between the genitalia and abdomen), of the diaphragm, groin (only in men) and of the femur (thigh), which is more common among the female population. Hernia, actually, causes the merging of the lump-like formation on the wall of the abdomen, consequently.

The most common provokers of the apparition of hernias are the natural process of getting old (so some tissues of our bodies suffer from the faster aging process) and some harmful abrupt movements, such as the sudden twists, for example.

The natural treatment

So, the best way to deal with this common health problem is to use the naturally made remedies which are based on the beneficial herbs, in order to avoid the negative side-effects from the artificial medications. Of course, if using the homeopathy as the chosen way of treating the condition, it should be studied carefully, by examining the effect of the first doses and then the treatment could be adapted to the organism.

But, even before adopting the treatment, some precautions must be advised; nothing should be put and pressed on the affected area; the physical activities must be decreased dramatically and one should provide her or himself enough rest; the person who suffers from hernia must stay away from nicotine, alcohol and the other harmful substances; one should try to sleep in a little bit of a sitting position, the portions of the food must be cut down, and of course, the heavy things mustn’t be lifted.

As far as the dietary plan is considered, it is almost the same as the generally healthy eating plan. That is, the patient must increase the intake of the fruits, veggies and the grains in the fresh form, as much as possible; and lower the intake of the saturated fats, fast foods, pastry and the similar products. Also, the hot foods and the excessively heated (and cooled) foods and beverages should be avoided, and the great amounts of condiments, as well. But, there should be the stress on some harmful habits, too, such as: drinking the liquids when eating (it is harmful for the process of digestion), the bites should be chewed more times, the acids should be avoided, and so on.

When it comes to the homemade remedies, the most effective are: the remedy based on the tomato juice, to which a little bit of pepper and salt should be diluted, the solution made from the gotu kola, the mixture of the chamomile tea and the slippery elm, and the remedy of the juice squeezed from the aloe vera leaves.

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