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Palpitation is the disorder of heavy and rapid throbbing of the heart. Of course, the irregularity concerning the time between the heartbeats is included, too. Fortunately, it is not always a serious condition, although it is rather frightening to listen all the time the heart that does not work properly.

Besides the general feeling of the disorder of the heart beating, this condition is followed by the increase in speed of the pulse. Because of that, but also because of the fact that the palpitations may be the signs of some other, more severe heart diseases, this disorder is often followed by the feeling of anxiety and restlessness, too.

Leading an unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking, drinking alcohol, improper digestion, the problems with gas and constipation, and the similar, can lead to the problem of palpitations. But, this condition is more frequently provoked by the certain mental states, such as nervousness, for example, because, during this emotional state, the heart is forced to pump the blood more quickly. But, besides those causes, sometimes, this condition might effect even those people who are used to lie on the left side of the body.

So, it is highly recommendable to lead a healthier lifestyle and to introduce a diet and some exercise program, in order to regulate the working of the most important organ in the body. The diet must include a lot of veggies, fruits and milk products, but in the fresh form; and the things that are harmful must be removed from the feeding. Those harmful things are, as already said, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, chocolate, white flour products and all the artificial substances that are used to enhance the flavour.

Also, the activities like meditation, relaxing, resting, and all kinds of calming-down techniques are very beneficial concerning the problem of palpitations.

As far as the homeopathic remedies are concerned, the most popular are the juices from grapes and the leaves of the herb called Snake Gourd. Those juices should be drunk after the same periods of time, like the regular medications. The fruit of Guava is also beneficial, but it should be eaten in the fresh form.

The remedy that can be made from Indian Spikenard, to which is advisable to add a little bit of cinnamon and camphor, should be consumed 3 times daily in the form of infusion. Also, mixing dry coriander, aniseed and jiggery, which are previously grinded to become powder, is a good advice for preparing another homeopathic remedy. This remedy should be consumed after eating.

And, finally, it is good to point out the utility of honey in the treatment of palpitations, because it is very easy to digest it and it is easily absorbed, and that is what makes it one of the most beneficial nutrients for the heart. It should be consumed diluted in water with a little bit of lemon juice, every evening, before going to sleep.

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