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IntroductionDry scalp is a one of the prominent causes of the apparition of the most annoying aesthetic problems nowadays, such as the dandruff and psoriasis. And this problem of the dryness often happens because of the poor circulation (so, the massages of the scalp and the frequent combing are very welcome) or it can be the common consequence of the poor activity of the oil glands in the area of the scalp.

However, the most burdensome consequence of the dry scalp is the scaling of the skin, which is popularly known as dandruff. Besides the small flakes of the skin that come off and which look rather unpleasant, the itchiness, redness and irritation are the following signs of this disorder. The apparition of the dandruff is most commonly triggered by the poor intake of the basic healthy nutrients (vitamins and minerals), by the use of the too aggressive cosmetic products (based on the synthetic ingredients, and not the natural ones). It can also show up as the result of some underlying condition, such as the constipation, certain infections, or the general depletion of the vital energy.

Homeopathic treatment

This kind of the treatment is focused on the use of the remedies which are based on the natural herbal ingredients, but which should be used in the exactly recommended dose (by the experienced homeopath), so that the contraindications could be avoided.

So, here are some popular mixtures, designed for the topical use; the tea made of beet, the juice squeezed from the snake gourd should be applied topically onto the scalp and used as the rubbing or the massaging agents. Nevertheless, the most effective homemade remedy is the mask made of the seeds of the fenugreek and water (the seeds should be kept in the water during one night and after that, powdered), which should be left to dry off on the scalp and then removed.

Anyway, some remedies are meant to be used during the process of washing the hair. For instance, the shampooing part is to be substituted with the use of green gram powder; and for cleansing the hair after shampooing it, the freshly squeezed juice from lime is recommended.

This problem, since it is one of the most persistent, should be attacked from the inside as well, in order to achieve any effect at all. That means that the diet which primarily consists of the intake of the beneficial nutrients should be followed. So, in that purpose, simply a lot of fruits and veggies should be eaten, and it can be even arranged in the periods (for example, consuming only the fruits for the first 72 hours, and after that, the veggies), but, one must stay away from the citrus fruits because of their acidness.

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