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A lot of factors, such as the outside ones, or the consumption of unhealthy foods (the decreased intake of the vitamins A, B, and E), can lead to the harmful effect on the skin, causing it to become dry; but some people simply have the dry type of the skin during all their lives. However, this problem is very common among the people nowadays, since there are a lot of the provokers of such a condition. And, there are also a lot of solutions for this problem available on the market, but not all of them provide the best effect.

The success of the various kinds of the treatments, of course, depends on the individual’s health in general, but lately, the conventional treatment with the synthetic products has been gradually substituted with the herbal treatment, with the homemade remedies and the homeopathy.Homeopathic treatment

When it comes to this kind of the treatment, one must carefully examine the effect of the homeopathic remedy on his or hers skin at first, because the excessive amount of the applied remedy would cause the contraindications in the healthy individuals. So, the dosage is the most important issue.

Anyway, first of all, one must significantly lessen the intake of the substances which contain the drying agents, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, the water from tap which contains a high concentration of chlorine, and so on.

After that, one should focus on the remedies that actually solve this problem by directly focusing on its major cause (on the decreased activity of the oil glands), and which, at the same time, helps in minimizing the consequences of this problem (e.g. scales and cracks on the skin), that is, by helping the process of the regeneration.

So, logically, the oils are one of the most effective remedies, and the most beneficial are the oils extracted from olive, coconut, almond, grape seed, castor, avocado or lavender or the fish oil. Also, here are some valuable remedies based on these oils, intended for the appliance on the facial skin; for example, the yolk of one egg should be simmered with a little bit of olive oil and the juice from orange in the equal proportion, or those oils could be used for the massage.

Also, there are some other popular remedies that can be made at home. For instance, the ground avocado mixed with a little bit of the lime juice, the powdered clay with one tsp. of honey, or simply pressed banana, should be used as the facial masks.

Another herbal remedies, that should be used in order to lock up the moisture (that is, right after taking a bath or shower) are the gel from aloe vera, and the cream made from the plant called shea (which provides the protection from the ultraviolet sun rays, too!).

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