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About the holistic approach

There are a lot of the available skin care cosmetic products on the market which are focused on dealing with this most common disorder of the skin, but the biggest problem is that it is very difficult to choose which product is the most beneficial, effective and appropriate for somebody’s skin. That actually means that, in fact, the best treatment is the one which is focused on dealing with this problem considering all the set of the underlying provokers of the acne. And, it is already well known that the problem is really solved when its cause is treated and not only the consequences. That is also one of the postulates of the popular holistic approach in the medicine, or to be more exact, in the alternative branch of the medicine.

The treatment

So, since the main provoker of the acne is the bacteria which enters, settles, accumulates and multiplies in the pore or the hair follicle, which is already filled with excessive sebum, the holistic natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs are exactly caused on the annihilation of the bacteria, as their direct trigger. Of course, these remedies are also intended for dealing with the most prominent accompanying symptoms, which are the redness and swelling. However, another quality of those remedies is that they do not provide the possible negative following effects, unlike the synthetic products for the acne removal.

When it comes to the successful treatment of acne, one of the best remedies are the ones based on the oil extracted from the tea tree, since this herb is very rich in antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial agents. This remedy is intended for the topical use, but there are also some remedies which are designed for fighting these blemishes from the inside, so they are to be consumed. Such is the combination of the following herbs: bitter dock, sarsaparilla, burdock and catchweed.

The similar effect on the bacteria has neem, which also helps in lessening the inflammation caused by the bodily natural response to the infection. But, when we talk about getting rid of the problem by treating it from the inside, it should be remembered that the balanced intake of the beneficial nutrients from the healthy foods must be the basis of this process. In order to achieve this goal of having the youthful and clear skin, one should simply eat more fruits and veggies in the raw form, and the whole grain products, and also drink plenty of water. This will lead to the necessary detoxification of the organism, and, therefore, of the skin. Similar effect the cucumbers have on the skin.

For encouraging the better process of the regeneration, turmeric and Aloe Vera (also reduces the inflammatory process) are very beneficial herbs. But, for the deep cleansing of the skin, lime is recommended, since it unclogs the pores and thus cleans the skin thoroughly.

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