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When the voice dramatically changes the way it usually sounds and becomes rather rough and cracked, besides the pain which usually follows this health problem, it is the case of the condition which is medically named laryngitis, logically, because the larynx is inflamed. This organ is located in the throat and the vocal cords are placed in it. Additional indicators of this inflammation are the raised temperature of the body and the cough that resembles the dog’s bark. Anyway, this inflammation can lead to certain troubles when inhaling and exhaling, and if the lost voice is rather persistent problem, it may be the sign of the malignant tumor on the vocal cords.

Nevertheless, the total or partial loss of the voice is more commonly the consequence of the infectious processes of the upper respiratory system, and the stubborn loss of voice, which lasts more than one week, is the chronic accompanying problem of the people who constantly put excessive pressure on the vocal cords and, of course it is the usual problem in the smokers and the result of the entrance of the harmful germs and particles from the air.


When it comes to the treatment, it s the best solution to cure this problem the natural way, that is, by using the homeopathic natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs, or by adding certain supplements into the dietary regime.

One of the most effective herbs for dealing with this problem is sage which has a lot of the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, so the basis of the treatment should be gargle the tea from this herb several times per day. In order to achieve even better effect, it s recommendable to add one half of the tbsp. of the oil extracted from the tea tree. The common substitute could be the remedy which includes lime juice and brandy; or the same amounts of honey, licorice, Echinacea, goldenseal, ginger, and slippery elm.

Besides the mentioned way, the tea from some herbs could be inhaled, as well, and especially, successful in getting rid of this problem is the tea made of the oak bark.

And, finally, here are some homeopathic remedies that should be consumed once per hour: Spongia tosta (in the chronic and acute cases), Phosphorus (for the abrupt loss of the voice and chronic laryngitis), Causticum (for the chronic type of the condition), Kali bich (for the completely lost voice), Aconite (for acute laryngitis) and Argentums nitricum (generally applicable).

As far as the supplementary treatment is concerned, the mineral zinc, in the combination with the vitamin C (which should be absorbed from the citrus fruits) is very beneficial because it enhances the more powerful response of the immunity. It is even better to add the supplements based on the bioflavonoids, and the garlic capsules; and for the faster regeneration of the small ruptures on the mucous lining of the larynx, vitamin A should be used. Of course, probiotics are very recommendable, since the flora of these organs may be disrupted if the intake of the antibiotics is prolonged. All in all, the topically intended folk remedies can alleviate the condition and especially popular is treatment which involves wrapping the warm cabbage leaves around the neck.

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