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The lice are one of the most common problems of the childhood, since almost everyone suffered from them at least once, but they can attack the adult individuals as well. They are parasites because they feed on the blood of their host, settling down on the scalp. And besides the head, they can inhabit the other hairy regions of the body, such as the pubic region, for example. Also, they multiply fast and stick their eggs (nits) to the hairs, so that they can’t fall off easily. Apart from that, the most annoying symptom is the itch and the irritation of the scalp.

Fortunately, they are not so severe health problem and they don’t carry any disease, but they easily pass on to another child, thus becoming rather stubborn and recurring problem.

The naturally based treatment

So, first of all, it must be carefully checked if there are living lice on the child’s scalp. If it is not the case, the nits could be removed by combing the hair thoroughly (with the especially made comb for this purpose). But, if there is even one adult louse seen on the scalp, the treatment must start right away.

Of course, there are a lot of cosmetic products for getting rid of these parasites (‘’Nix’’ is the most popular at the moment), but it is always the better solution to use the naturally based remedies, especially if they are as effective as the artificial ones.

So, the most effective homemade remedies, along with the constant use of the special comb, are intended for the topical use. Concerning that matter, The 5% lotion of Benzyl Alcohol actually works by depriving the lice of oxygen, and after annihilating them, the popular remedy based on mayonnaise can be used to remove the nits, thus preventing the inevitable recurrence of the lice. Also, the lice can be annihilated by rubbing the freshly squeezed juice from onion onto the scalp.

Anyway, the treatment based on the use of apples is very successful as well. The type of this fruit, called custard apple, should be pressed very thoroughly, until it becomes the homogenous mass, to which a little bit of water might be added (in order to facilitate the application). This mask should be kept on the head during one night. The chunks of one apple could be even rubbed onto the scalp, in order to remove the lice.

Another very beneficial mask is the one based on the pressed garlic, mixed with a little bit of the juice from lemon, which should be applied on a daily basis, and after 5 days, the lice are removed. It is necessary to apply the remedy made of the powder of camphor and coconut oil, for the same amount of days, too.

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