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Parasites are any of the little organisms which tend to settle in some other organism, which serves them as a host. But, they are also prone to multiply and to feed from the host and take away the beneficial nutrients from the host’s foods, that way causing some serious health problems. Besides that, the most harmful consequence of having the parasites in the body is that they give off very harmful substances (e.g. toxins), especially into the gastrointestinal system, but into the bloodstream too.

Fortunately, their apparition is followed by certain indicators, but, unfortunately, those signs are often miscomprehended to be from some other cause.

However, when the parasites enter the organism, usually the cramps are felt in the abdomen, the feces become abruptly different and diarrhea often occurs. Besides the problems associated to the system of digestion, they can provoke the condition of the lack of the absorption on the longer run, which is the basis for the development of many more health problems, in general.The natural treatment

So, in order to prevent this problem, one must stay away from the polluted waters, from the meats that are not processed enough with heath, from certain antibiotics and from animals (and pets, too), if possible, since the parasites can be passed on by a simple touch. Not to mention that certain insects can introduce the parasites through the skin, such as mosquitoes and ticks.

And, of course, it is essentially important to boost the immune system. Leading a healthy lifestyle helps also the secretion of the beneficial enzymes in the body and that way the acidity of the mucus of the stomach is increased, which annihilates the parasites, for example. So, eating fruits and veggies in the raw form is very beneficial for overall health but, when the foods are not cooked (not processed by heath that kills the harmful germs), they should be washed thoroughly. Anyway, it can also be said that the prevention equals the good hygiene.

But, when it comes to the treatment, with either, the natural remedies based on herbs, or by the conventional medical treatment, it depends on to what extent the parasites inhabited the organism. However, the herbs are the better choice, since they don’t provide the negative following effects, unlike the synthetic medications.

So, there is the remedy that can be used at any level of the parasite infection, and that is the tea made from the husk of the black walnut, wormwood and the juice extracted from clove, and the amount of the 6 dl of it should be consumed on a daily basis. This treatment is better to be followed by the intake of the substances that detoxify the organism in general (the pumpkin seeds, Marshmallow, clove, etc.). Also, the antibacterial supplements are recommended (e.g. garlic), but only as the addition to the treatment with this remedy.

For both, the prevention, and the therapy, the grapefruit’s seeds extract, and the substances found in pineapple and papaya are the very popular natural cures.

Also, there are the substances that are focused on stopping the parasites to increase in number, such as clay.

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