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Jaundice is the condition which is manifested as the apparition of the yellow coloration of the skin, in the urine and in the white parts of the eyes and it is the common consequence of the high level of bilirubin in the blood. The making of the excessive amounts of bilirubin happens when the liver produces more bile than usually. And the liver is provoked to react that way when there is a lot of dead red blood cells and consequently the lack of iron in the blood flow.

So, jaundice is usually caused by some underlying disorders of the liver, such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, since the thing that leads to this condition is entering of the bile into the blood flow. Also, the problems which allow this entering are the ones of damaging the bile duct, and they are the various types of the formations on the spot such as the gallstones tumors and those abnormalities that can provoke the inflammatory process on the duct. Fortunately there is often a sign that appoints on the damage on the duct and it is manifested by the sense of itch on the area.


Luckily, jaundice only lasts for one week, but if it isn’t the case, it can grow into a very severe condition. Anyway, jaundice can be treated with homemade remedies, supplements and herbs, and there are the two most common ways of treating; orally and topically.

When it comes to the nutrition, the most important is the intake of vitamin E since it brings back the damaged erythrocytes into life, vitamin C which helps in fighting with the toxins from the blood and the liver.

The remedies based on radish

So, the removal of the toxins is a must, and the remedy which is actually the mixture of different types of radishes, is the most popular concerning this matter. Radish juice can be combined with the juice from dandelion, too, and it is used for the general maintenance of the normal processes in the gall bladder and the liver.

The other, most popular remedies

Apart from those, very beneficial for the tissue of the liver is the remedy made from squeezed artichoke and milk thistle. For the regeneration is also used the beet leaf.

Some remedies are meant to be put directly onto the affected spot and the most popular and effective are the remedies such as lemon and cabbage leaves, which should be heated previously.

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