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GERD stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition. Estimations show that nearly 45 percent of adults in America suffer from this disease. This illness affects children too. If GERD affects a child it can dramatically damage organs and produce much trouble in his or her later life.

Several home remedies proved rather efficient in treating GERD. If you are diagnosed with GERD you have two options. One is to go for classical medicines prescribed by your physician. Another option is to try treating the problem in a natural way.

You should carefully consider all treatment options. Consult a professional herbalist, naturopath, and nutritionist. Your physician can also recommend certain herbs that can help. It is important to make a choice and follow the instructions regularly in order to help yourself. Do not lose courage and persistence. Bear in mind that nowadays you do have better treatment options than your parents had.

The internet can provide a lot of information on GERD. Learn about the symptoms, side effects of certain medications and meet other people that also suffer from GERD. It is important to know that you are not alone with your pain. Since you know your mind and body, it is you who need to decide whether to use herbs or classical medicines to treat GERD.

Natural remedies are great but you need to be patient with them since it takes time for them to work. It is sometimes important to try out different herbs to see which of them works the best for you. Apple cider vinegar is beneficial on gastrointestinal tract and can ease GERD symptoms. It is even more beneficial if combined with other herbs. Simply mix apple cider vinegar made from organic apples and water and drink this potion several times daily. If you add natural honey to it you can have even a better positive impact.

Add apples to your daily diet. They are extremely beneficial on your stomach. Acidophilus helped several people with acid reflux.

Drinking fat free milk or even a glass of water every couple of hours will ease your burning sensations. Cumin seeds can be added to water to strengthen the effect. Even eating vanilla ice cream can ease burning in your stomach. Add ginger root to your salad, it improves digestion. You can mix ginger root and honey and consume it instead of a dessert.

Aloe vera juice can have soothing effect on your bowels if taken in the morning on an empty stomach. You should change your eating habits. Do not consume spicy or junk food since they will worsen the symptoms. Avoid citrus fruit, sodas, alcohol, smoking, candies etc. Eat food that is rich in fiber since they cleanse the intestines and eliminate toxins from them.

It is important to exchange experiences with other people who suffer from GERD. Everyone can recommend a plan that can change your life and help you overcome your disease.

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