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Oily hair can be put under control very simply and easily and there are many commercial products as well as those prepared at home that can be useful indealing with oily hair.

The first and most important rule is cleansing, since oily hairneeds daily shampooing. Shampoos with a pH over 6.7 are recommended, and it isimportant to avoid hair over-drying or stripping, while conditioner should only beapplied in cases of dry ends to the affected area. Otherwise, conditioningshould be skipped and hair thoroughly rinsed.

The alternative is to make homemade shampoo which should consist of 2 tablespoons of fragrant-free natural shampoo base, a teaspoon of dried peppermint, a teaspoon of dried yarrow, and a teaspoon of chopped fresh lemon rind. Water, herbs and lemon should be brought to a boil in a coveredpot, removed from the heat source and allowed to steep for 30 minutes. Then it should be strained and poured into a sterilized container to mix with the shampoobase. This mixture is good for one week or for 4 weeks if kept in the fridge. Aromatherapy shampoo can be made at home using non-fragrant natural shampoo base, spring water, apple cider vinegar, juniper essential oil and cypress essential oil. Shampoo and water are added to the mixture containingvinegar and essential oils and it is kept in a sterilized container.

Rinsing is essential in oily hair treatment and the recipe forhomemade rinse consists of apple cider vinegar, dried lavender, dried peppermint and crushed juniper berries. The ingredients are all mixed together and then left in a covered glass jar tosteep for two weeks, when the mixture is finally strained and poured into a sterilizedcontainer. A cup of water should be mixed with a tablespoon of the prepared rinseand poured through the hair after the shampoo has been washed out, and then the hair should thoroughly be rinsed. Thanks to the astringent properties of tannic acid, tea canhelp in getting rid of the excess oil. A pot of tea is brewed and allowed to cool, and then it is used as a rinse. Lemon juice also helps in eliminating oil, while the rinse made from acup of water and a cup of lemon juice reduces the oil and subtly highlightsbrown and blond hair. People with oily hair should avoid frequent touching andbrushing of the hair, because every time the brush passes through the hair, it brings outmore oil from the hair roots.

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