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Apple cider vinegar has been used for numerous different types of culinary and medicinal purposes, ever since the beginnings of mankind. Raw cider contains various important nutrients such as enzymes, beneficial bacteria, vitamins and minerals.

Mother of vinegar

If one wants to purchase some apple cider vinegar it is always highly recommended to check for the mother of vinegar, which is a cloudy, milky substance that is supposed to be deposited at the bottom of the container. The mother of vinegar is very efficient in dealing with numerous different types of medical conditions. Heartburn is triggered by gastroesophageal reflux disease and it is a cause of much irritation and pain, but luckily enough it can be reduced significantly by regular use of apple cider vinegar. Heartburn may also be associated with abdominal bloating and taste changes in the mouth. For those who do not know, apple cider vinegar is sourced from crushed sweet apples. The apples need to be converted to alcohol by utilizing the process called yeast fermentation. Once this process is complete, the alcohol then needs to be converted to acetic acid by utilizing another process which is referred to as acetic acid fermentation. Acetic acid is the main component of the apple cider vinegar and it can be held responsible for all the health benefits commonly associated with this type of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar needs to have a pH value below 4.5 in order to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.


Heartburn is the term used for a burning sensation which occurs in the chest after meals. Heartburn does not have anything to do with the heart, it gets triggered when the stomach acids return into the esophagus. This usually occurs when the valve-like muscle called lower esophageal sphincter does not function properly or it gets loose. Once the lining of the esophagus gets irritated by the stomach acids, the burning sensation in the chest, the throat and other locations start kicking in. There are also certain types of food such as citrus fruits, alcohol, acidic foods, spicy foods and tobacco which may also be held responsible for the onset of heartburn. Obese persons and pregnant women may also experience heartburn more often than others. Apple cider vinegar is very efficient in providing a soothing effect to the internal organs affected by heartburn. It is very beneficial due to its high content of mineral and acetic acid. It should be taken up to three times a day, mixed in with water.

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